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Corey Jenson – The Mayor of Buggy Town

This week I was deeply saddened to hear that the great Icon of kite flying and bugging, that is Corey Jenson had sadly passed away.

Corey  was one of the first names I came across when I first started to search out this great sport called Kite Buggying, I found the video below and was fascinated by Corey and his great enthusiasm for the sport, it hooked me.

Over the years, I came to realise Corey Jenson was one of the, if not THE BIGGEST names in the sport, only the founder of the modern day kite buggy Peter Lynn himself may have had a higher mantle…. I personally, cannot say we were great friends, or knew each other well, we were friends on Facebook, and frequently liked each others posts, I loved the fact he always wanted to help and make people smile with his anecdotes and jokes, and that alone makes him a nice man in my books regardless of anything kite buggy.

As I got more and more into kite buggying, NABX  (North American Buggy eXpo) kept popping up in conversations with my peers, and with researching soon found this NABX event was held on a dry lake bed in Primm Nevada, and it was huge, and also THE place to go if you wanted to break records and meet some of the greatest names in the sport of Kite Buggying.

Corey Jenson, was the ‘Mayor of Buggy Town’….and Buggy Town was the greatest gathering of kite buggiers and buggies who had met up at the annual NABX event and it was on one evening after a full days kite bugging on the lake bed in 2011, that Corey walked up to me and said “Hi Popeye”, he needed no introduction, I knew exactly who he was with his big white moustache….it was brilliant, here I was standing on the great lake bed Ivanpah at the NABX event, and here I was chatting to this kite bugging wordsmith….a legend.

Corey Jenson (left) RIP my friend

Corey Jenson (left)

Corey Jenson

Corey Jenson


Thank you for enriching our lives with your kindness RIP Mayor

Check this Bad Boy out…..The Hubless Kite Buggy


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Gav Mulvay and Joe Steffert – Mongolia – Mission Complete

Well, there are records, and there are records, all are an outstanding achievement, Gav and Joe have just chalked up a few more during their epic 63 day Kite Buggy journey through Mongolia/China Gav emailed some amazing facts from their journey this morning, just check these out.

We have just finished another Mongolia/China adventure. I’ve pasted the summary from my blog below Is there a record for longest point to point distance? XC paragliding style. 265km on day 47 is a good start. How about largest rude picture in a gps track? unnamed Wrap up. We never planned a route for this trip, only a starting point and number of day’s. The main goals were having fun, finding challenging terrain and visiting the areas of Mongolia we haven’t already seen. If we knew how mountainous snowy and tree lined the northern route through the Khangai mountains was we probably would never have attempted it. 63 days. 5377km traveled. One day without wind. Prevailing wind direction W/NW/N. 3 snow storms. Highest altitude 1964m. Distance walked, approximately 60km (not easy towing a heavy buggy). Top speed 69kph. Salami consumed 5 meters. Continuous distance traveled overland via train, bus and buggy- 9500km. New record for longest kite buggy trip, previous record 3693km, Mad Way Mongolia 2015. New record for longest 24hr cross country distance 317km. Previous record 260km, Mad way Mongolia 2014. New record for longest distance traveled using kite power 5377km, previous record 5067km, Wings over Greenland.

Kites used in order of use. Joe- 3.5 meter Peter Lynn Uniq, strengthened and modified for extra performance. 4m high aspect single skin, home made. 2.4m 2 line NPW (NASA para wing model 21) home made. 1.5m NPW home made. 6m Peter Lynn phantom. Gavin- 4m depower Uniq, home made. 4m high aspect single skin, home made. 2.4m NPW, home made. 1.5m NPW, home made. 2.5m Uniq, strengthened and tuned. 6m phantom. The blue buggy used by Joe was my buggy from the previous 2 trip’s, its done 10,600km, it’s built very strong 35kg empty. The red buggy I used is built lighter and has narrower tyres, 25kg. I made the buggys, motor/generators, tents and most of the kites in the Peter Lynn show kite factory in Ashb

The route they took

The route they took


From the kite bugging community around the world,

we salute you both

  • Fastest Barrow Tyres – Luk Stanek (Canada) – 72.80mph, 117.16km/h
  • Fastest Beach Racer Tyres – Tom Mulligan aka RedSkyHorizon (England) – 66.00mph, 106.21km/h
  • Fastest Bigfoots Tyres – Stephan van Bommel and Maikel Boels 110.00kmh / 68.35mph
  • Fastest Buggy Backwards – Randy Oldenbürger, (Denmark) 54.25mph, 87.30km/h
  • Fastest Buggy Pilot – Brian Holgate (USA)- 84.10mph, 135.34km/h
  • Fastest Depower in a Kite Buggy – 9.5m Peter Lynn  F-Arc – Brian Holgate (USA) – 79.70mph, 128.26km/h
  • Fastest Female Buggy Pilot – Tami Fraser (USA) – 58.80mph – 94.62km/h
  • Fastest Flexi Buggy  – Will McKean aka Ginge (England) 63.20mph, 101.71km/h
  • Fastest Kite – 2.7m Peter Lynn Vapor – Pilot Brian Holgate (USA)- 84.10mph, 135.34km/h
  • Fastest Kite Bike  – Gannet aka Peter Foulkes (New Zealand) – 59.41mph, 95.60km/h
  • Fastest Landsegler  Wheels – Stephan van Bommel (Netherlands) 77.05mph, 124.00km/h
  • Fastest LEI in a Kite Buggy – 6m Peter Lunn Fury – Stephan van Bommell (Netherlands) – 68.98mph, 1111.00km/h
  • Fastest Pilot on Grass – Jay Taylor (England) 62.10mph, 99.94km/h
  • Fastest Pilot on Ice – Arjen van der Tol (Netherlands) 61.83mph, 99.50km/h
  • Fastest Pilots on Sand – Stephan van Bommel  72.80mph – 116.00km/h
  • Fastest Race Buggy  – Arjen van der Tol (Netherlands)–  The buggy XXtreme Apexx 82.89mph, 133.40km/h
  • Fastest Side Ride Buggy One Buggy, two pilots, two kites – 45.55mph, 73.30km/h
  • Furthest Distance Kite Bike Pilot – Peter Foulks aka Gannet (New Zealand) 213.00 miles, 342.79km
  • Furthest Distance Solo 12hrs – Ziggy Racek (Canada) – 289.80miles, 466.39km
  • Furthest Distance Solo 24hrs – Stefan Berkner G2017 (Germany) – 643.11 miles, 1035.00km
  • Furthest Distance Solo 24hrs Female – Petra  Tschampel (Germany) – 325.59miles, 524.00km
  • Furthest Distance Team 24hrs – Team Libre Netherlands (SPO) – 652.43miles, 1050.00km
  • Furthest Distance Travelled (Unsupported) – Gavin Mulvay & Joe Steffert (Mad Way Mongolia 16) – 3,341m, 5377km
  • Furthest Distance Travelled across Country 24hrs – Gavin Mulvay & Joe Steffert (Mad Way Mongolia 16) 317km, 196m
  • Youngest Buggy Pilot to Break 50mph – Nicolas Jackson (Denmark) 14years 12 days – 51.14mph – 83.20km/h


Video of the Week – PKA April 2016 (DC Edition)

Steve Warren

Steve Warren

Another superb video from Steve Warren

PKA April 2016 (DC Edition) from Steve Warren on Vimeo.


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