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New Kite Buggy Axle Concept

Ate Eilander from Holland has been busy using his hobby of playing about with Carbon Fibre, making everything from axle mounts, to kite buggy wrap around carbon bodies, I was interested in his axle concept, I have never seen anything like this before, and I love it when people think outside the box. Ate tells me he kite buggies for fun and not into the more serious racing, he has an Apexx pilot lined up to test this axle for racing and it will be interesting to hear the results.

The Axel made of separate tubes 12mm and you can fill them with carbon of glass fibre, most is made from basalt fibre. Ate says, Carbon is to springy and basalt dampens the impact.

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New World Landboard Speed Record – Thierry Collado

Many many congratulations to Thierry for this outstanding new Record
Kite: Boost 7sqm by Flysurfer Kiteboarding
Board: X-Race by X-Shape
Location: La Franqui
Playground: Drylake

61.90mph / 99.62kmh

Today Feb 18 2018 was awesome in La Franqui, I broke my personal best! I really didn’t expected this because there was still standing water on a few spot, and a lot of slippery spot. But I found many places to do my things. The wind was not so strong but “disgustingly gusty” Yuh! A gust really stronger than the others carried me beyond my hopes, I heard my bearings screaming and I had the impression to go a little faster than usual. My 2 gps give: 61.9mph which is 99.62kmh and 99.75 kmh which is 61.98mph. Well, 99.62kilometers per hour, that’s a new world record. I can not believe it, I am so close to reach my goal ..100kmh. Then I tried again but the wind decreased a bit and I was tired. I was done for the day , already so very happy. I will be back!
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Thank you from www.popeyethewelder.com

Kind and generous donation made this week by John Eaton towards the running costs of this site for a…

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