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Gidday, back in Mongolia, having a great time, lots of wind every day, great scenery and terrain.

Gav Mulvay during the current Mad Way Mongolia Kite buggy trek

Gav Mulvay during the current Mad Way Mongolia Kite buggy trek


M&S, American Oxygen

Some say oxygen is what it takes to live. My buddy Mano and me however require more. We only live wh…

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2015.04 Madway Mongolia 003
Madway Mongolia Report

We are currently (May 2015) in Jargalant Mongolia, Joe and myself started bugging in Bayankhongor 26…

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Way down south at Ivanpah Dry Lake - photo Philip Chase
Ivanpah Buggy eXpo 2015

IBX 2015 Prologue: For the Good of the Order and at least one broken soul   I had been unsettl…

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Andrew Beattie 1st Man to Break 100km/h
One of the Greatest Buggy Records – Remembered

This record has been logged in this website for Kite Buggying Records since it first went live, it w…

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0-50mph in 8 seconds
50mph in 7.9 Seconds

50mph in 7.9 seconds on wet grass, with a buggy weighing over 70kgs that is…! …..it can …

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