Another Camera Mount

Here’s another camera mount for some different angles, thanks to Ken Shaw for this mount More photo’s HERE  

Stainless Garmin Etrex GPS Holders

  This stylish laser cut Etrex holder holds the Etrex firmly and snugly and fixes to the swan neck or down tube of the kite buggy. It is made from 1mm 304 grade stainless, fixed by two 6mm counter sunk bolts …..more info here

Going Captive

Taking the step from kiting and buggying,  just using your arms, to a harness is a big one. Many people are apprehensive of being physically attached to the kite….or hooked in. Once the decision has been made though, its a choice of which harness to choose from, there are hundreds out there, and dont just […]

Some Flexi Buggy Mods

Modding a Flexi Buggy

Pimp My Flexi Buggy

Pimp My Flexi Buggy By Jerry Hall

Swan Neck Upgrade

Swan Neck Upgrade and Clean up

Kite Buggy Projects

Kite Buggy Projects   Has now been added to the side bar