Video of the Week

Video of The Week

     M&S VII (IN YOUR FACE) Three days of hardcore kitebuggy shootings pushed the bodies of Dirix Mano and Stephan van Bommel over the limits, “we are broken”. The shootings for the ever continuing M&S series will hit you harder “in your face” than ever. Get yourself ready and be prepared!!!!!! Special thanks to: […]

Video of the Week- AoxomoxoA

When Kieron Jansch puts his mind to something, rest assured he always does it to the best of his ability, we know him as probably the best custom kite maker in the world, and more recently his videos and film making have been jaw dropping, as far as I am concerned Kieron sets the standard. […]

Video of the Week – Speed Week 2013

The ExtremeKites crew gather at Sandy Point every Melbourne Cup long weekend for some kite buggying/kiteboarding/landboarding/dirtsurfing madness. Fabulous weekend with everything from 4 knots to 40 plus knots. Sandy Point is located 2 hours drive southeast of Melbourne, Vic, Australia. by John Holgate

Video of the Week – Ouddorp Movie

Nice day at the beach with team MG. We played with the MG Discwheels, and Mumba’s. Riding the Aerobic, Aero and Supra.      

Video of the Week

Kitebuggy Les Hemmes By Klaus-Peter Schonfeld

Video of The Week

Buggy Kite les Hemmes by Alexis Huin Buggy Kite les Hemmes by sas_films

Video of the Week

My friend Alex Ferreira, has been tempting me with the fantastic beaches they have on the Brazillian coast for a few years, check out one of his latest videos, what an awesome location

Video of the Week

Sand Kite 6 – char à cerf volant 6 filmed by Antoine and Eric.

Video of The Week

Spotted this in the news a few weeks back while I was at a meet, and forgot to post it on my return, great clip of Craig Sparkes promoting the sport on the BBC local news It’s fast and furious and fun – freestyle kite buggying can take your breath away – and the European […]

New World Record, Kite Biking – Fastest Speed

Gannet aka Peter Foulkes from New Zealand, has taken the crown once again, multiple world record holder over the years has finally won the top spot again, this time on his beautifully designed Kite Bike. Kitebike speed – 87.7 km/h – 54.50mph   Kites – Ozone Quantum prototype , sizes 4m Witnesses and support team […]

Video of the Week

This is fun, Delta Secret Run – Kitebuggy – 18th May 2013

Video of the Week

Thunder Sailing – Char a voile & Buggy Kite What a great action video by KreatiZVideo

Video of the Week

Here’s a short but great movie of me and my little friend Jay van Gijzen , the 9 year son of a good friend of mine. He had the time of his life and kept shouting: ‘go faster..!!’ the movie is made by Ruud Kurvers en the Go-Pro cam is owned by Tony van Meggelen. […]

Ivanpah ‘Club’ 2013

Great video from Bobby Muse, especially when he’s running alongside the PL Speed Buggy.

Video of the Week

Kite Buggy Freestyle by Josh Hough

RedSkyHorizon’s 106km/h Video

 ‘Extreme Rider’ RedSkyHorizon, the PTW Buggy Record holder, more details HERE

Video of the Week – Time and tide waits for no Man

Some amazing footage from Cliff Baker  

Lake MushaMush – Snow Kite buggy

It’s winter time again, so time to show this great fun video again

Kite Bike mini moose 24th Nov 2012

A different angle from Gannet  

Powerslide with Beach Racers

Kitebuggy Trip 2012 – Crispim Beach Brazil

Alex Ferreira and the guys having great fun on a great beach Crispim Brazil Kitebuggy Trip 2012 – Crispim Beach Brazil from Alex on Vimeo. Kitebuggy Trip 2012 – Crispim Beach Brazil .

Fanoe September 2012

Feast your eyes on this quite superbly edited video by Apu, the bar has been raised for sure Also plenty of footage from my old sponsor Cooper Kites. FYI – Fanø is a Danish island in the North Sea off the coast of southwestern Denmark, and is the very northernmost of the Danish Wadden Sea […]

Freestyle – editing by Mark Crisp

Brancaster Beach from Mark Crisp on Vimeo.

Kitebuggy – La franqui – 8 sept

Kitebuggy – La franqui – 8 septembre from Thom31 on Vimeo.