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A 32 Mile Run Mayhem and Madness in 2010

It was fun for some and not such fun for others….read what happened HERE from an adventure a couple of years ago

122 countries

This site is racing around the world so fast, and has now been viewed in 122 countries in just five months, I just can’t believe it, I don’t even know of half the countries, I am truly amazed….thanks for keeping me driven, and spreading the sport we love. “Incidently for your information, there are now 290 kite buggy […]

Mablethorpe Chillout

Another slant on the 242 days video

PTW entry in the Buggy Kite & Friends Magazine

Mainly about my NABX 2011 trip but including this years Playa buggy, the German magazine Buggy Kite & Friends runs an article                               More media HERE

242 Days – Let the Fun Begin

Thats how long it has been since I last hit the beach, I have been inland, and across the Pond to NABX but 242 days was the last time I buggied on a beach….I had good reason too aswell, New Apexx, New Landsegler wheels, and New HQ Prodigy Race kites…..Let the fun begin

Apexx & Landsegler

My Apexx with the 100mm Beach Landsegler wheels and the 4 weights I have added Now weighs in at 37kgs

Welcome to my Crib

I love to look around other people Garages and sheds, call it being nosey, well here’s a look around my Crib Forget the buggies for a second, Welcome to my Crib

NABX 2012 Videos (Short & Extented Versions)

NABX 2012 – Memories

NABX 2012….brilliant event yet again, even better than 2011, the sun was out the wind came to visit us, fantastic location, great friends, and memories that will last forever….if you kite buggy, or even just fly a kite, promise yourself you will make the trip the to Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed View Larger Map NABX […]

Inside Buggy Pilots

Ever wondered on how some pilots got to the stage they are now?, ever wondered when you see a pilot, what their very first buggy was? Well this is a Brand New side bar category, so keep checking back as this will grow and grow with some of the sports most colourful, prominent and skilled pilots […]

Powerkite Magazine

Second instalment of last years NABX trip in this months Powerkite Magazine issue 49 packed with land based kiting information Media   And for those of you that do not subscribe to this magazine you can read the full NABX 2011 account HERE

Six Months and Four Days

YES…..Six Months and 4 days….or 188 days….or even 16 million, 234 thousand, and 200 hundred seconds. That’s is the exact time since I had last been in a buggy, and almost the same since I have flown a kite. There have been many reasons for this, health being one of the major factors, and my […]

PTW Videos

PTW Videos Going back a few years now…and some look very dated, ha ha

What would You Like?

Having spent well over 100hrs now uploading data, and I still have quite a bit more to upload by the way. Is there anything I have missed or you would like including on this site, I dont allow comments on this site in an attempt to keep it as clean as possible, but there are […]

Well…I thinks its ready

We think this new Kite buggy website is now ready for unleashing, We have already added tons of data, there is still plenty left to add, so it should stay fresh and new for a long while. This will now be the home of the kite buggying records, so please update your book marks. If […]


Well the time has come to try yet again to make a proper website, the last one got hacked to death, hence me using the freebie Piczo and google sites. Kieron Jansch has helped me a great deal, without whom I would have never got started. Hopefully over time this web site will replace both […]