Landboard World Top Speeds

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World Record holder Thierry Collado aka Akkrew Rider

 Today Feb 18 2018 was awesome in La Franqui, I broke my personal best! I really didn’t expected this because there was still standing water on a few spot, and a lot of slippery spot. But I found many places to do my things. The wind was not so strong but “disgustingly gusty” Yuh! A gust really stronger than the others carried me beyond my hopes, I heard my bearings screaming and I had the impression to go a little faster than usual. My 2 gps give: 61.9mph which is 99.62kmh and 99.75 kmh which is 61.98mph. Well, 99.62kilometers per hour, that’s a new world record. I can not believe it, I am so close to reach my goal ..100kmh. Then I tried again but the wind decreased a bit and I was tired. I was done for the day , already so very happy. I will be back!
Kmh sort downsort upMph sort downsort upName sort downsort upKite-Beach-Grass-Dry Lake sort downsort upCountry sort downsort up
99.6261.90Akkrew Rider7m Boost Flysurfer, Dry LakeFrance
87.4054.31Dennis TakNaish Torch 5m 2011 - BeachNetherlands
86.0953.50Will RoseBeachEngland
84.8152.70SpookyAccess 6m BeachScotland
81.7050.77ResquemanGin Zulu II 5m, BeachNetherlands
79.1849.20ButchManta III 8m
75.9047.16Ferrie van Dijk aka Mokum DutchyOzone Edge 9m, BeachNetherlands
74.8346.50Blade MagnetAccess 2 6m Beach
73.0645.40DS2 FroggyDirtsurfer & 4.8m Kitewing
71.4544.50KitecrazyBlade Vertigo 10m
71.1544.21Ferenc VágóChrono V1 9mHungary
70.3343.70Angoose9.5m Best Kahoona BeachEngland
68.7042.69Martijn van den BeltPeter Lynn Fury 7, BeachNetherlands
67.5942.00JugglerjonVenon 2 16m
67.2741.80DS3 FoilmanDirtsurfer & 9m Phantom
66.9541.60Airjunkie10m Psycho4
65.9841.00captain cavemanVenon 13m on Skates
65.6640.80ArdK12m Catalyst
65.1840.50Jfitz7m Frenzy
64.3740.00The Saminator2m Elliot
63.8939.70OysterVenom 10m
63.6539.55PlummetAccess 6m BeachAustralia
62.4438.80ArcAngel10m Psycho 4
61.9638.50nobbyScorpion 13m
61.8038.40James Parsley10.5m Ion2
61.6438.30Wenglish2.4m CrossfireEngland
61.3138.10kullfish5m Speed 1
61.1538.00GomasFirestorm 9m
61.1538.00SandblastaSamurai 4m
60.8337.80Chris L12m Manta 3
60.0337.30Juan M16m Scorpion
59.7137.10KDW / KiteForceVenom 2 10m
58.1036.10crut8m GK Sonic
58.0836.10Louise Sarah RichardsonUK Fastest FemaleEngland
56.4935.10CorvinusF-One Bandit 12m
56.0034.80wezzieJN Primadonna 3 13M
55.6834.60Ian5m Frenzy
54.5633.90Smai-LeeReactor II
54.0733.60here's jonny!12.5m Ion 5
53.5933.30Andrewjohn12m Manta 2
53.1133.00David DewarAccess 8m BeachEngland
52.1432.40Gordo11m Prima donna 3
50.8531.60Tom5m Frenzy
50.5331.40Morgan9m Waroo 2009
48.9230.40SurgeonBlade Beast 12m
48.6030.20IrishguySabre2 7mIreland
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