french fourth republic constitution

2. When the National Assembly is not in session, its Secretariat, exercising control over the actions of the Cabinet, may convoke Parliament; it must do so upon the request of one third of the Deputies or of the President of the Council of Ministers. The organization of the High Court of Justice and its rules of procedure shall be determined by a special law. Diplomatic treaties duly ratified and proclaimed having authority superior to that of domestic legislation, their provisions shall not be abrogated, modified or suspended without previous formal denunciation through diplomatic channels. ARTICLE 8 The President of the Republic shall appoint the Prime Minister. France was declared to be a unitary state and all the powers of administration were vested in one central government. The present Constitution shall be promulgated by the President of the Provisional Government of the Republic within two days after the date of the proclamation of the results of the referendum, and in the following manner: Aimed at the Revision of Articles 7 (addition), 9 (1st and 2nd paragraphs), 11 (1st paragraph), 12, 14 (2nd and 3rd paragraphs), 20, 22 (1st sentence), 45 (2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraphs), 49 (2nd and 3rd paragraphs), 50 (and paragraph) and 52 (1st and 2nd paragraphs) of the Constitution. Should the opinion of the Council of the Republic not be in agreement with that of the National Assembly, the latter body shall examine the bill on second reading. It was in many ways a revival of the Third Republic that was in place from 1870 during the Franco-Prussian War to 1940 during World War II, and suffered many of the same problems. The French Union shall be composed of nations and peoples who shall place in common or coordinate their resources and their efforts in order to develop their respective civilizations, further their well-being, and ensure their security. The National Assembly shall decide this question by secret ballot and by an absolute majority of its members, with the exception of those who may be called upon to participate in the prosecution, investigation, or judgment of the case. “Failing agreement within a period of one hundred days from the day on which the bill was submitted to the Council of the Republic for a second reading this period being reduced to one month for financial and budget bills, and to fifteen days in cases of procedure applying to urgent matters the National Assembly may rule definitively either by readopting the last text passed by it, or by modifying this text through the acceptance of one or several amendments proposed to it by the Council of the Republic. Bills introduced by members of the Council of the Republic shall be filed with its Secretariat and sent without debate to the Secretariat of the National Assembly. 1958: 5th Republic The President of the Republic may, on a recommendation from the Government Whenever a treaty such as those mentioned in Article 27 is concerned, such denunciation must be approved by the National Assembly, except in the case of commercial treaties. Image Guidelines 5. The President of the French Republic shall be the President of the French Union; he shall represent its permanent interests. If the proposal was approved by the people, it was signed by the President of the Republic. In order to be admissible, the proposed resolutions referred to in the preceding paragraph must concern legislation pertaining to the Overseas Territories. “The President of the Council shall pronounce the extraordinary session closed in accordance with the procedure set forth in Article 9. The Ministers shall have access to the two Chambers and to their Committees. Four judges were elected for six years by members of the legal profession and six other alternative members were also appointed to it. This period may be reduced to two days in case of emergency. It had the power of Judicial Review, and its decisions were final. They further proclaim as most vital to our time the following political, economic and social principles: The law shall guarantee to women equal rights with men, in all domains. 1958: 5th Republic The acts signed by the President of the Council and mentioned in the present Article, shall be countersigned by the Ministers concerned. Refusal to give such a vote shall automatically result in the collective resignation of the Cabinet. It may include only such provisions as are strictly financial. The Constitution of the Fourth Republic was a complete exercise in the Parliamentary form of government. The President of the Provisional Government of the Republic promulgates the following Constitution: On the morrow of the victory of the free peoples over the regimes that attempted to enslave and degrade the human person, the French people proclaim once more that every human being, without distinction as to race, religion or creed, possesses inalienable and sacred rights. All French subjects and nationals of both sexes, who are majors and enjoy civil and political rights, may vote under the conditions prescribed by law. A motion of censure may be adopted only by an absolute majority of the Deputies in the Assembly. He shall order the minutes of their meetings to be recorded and shall keep them in his possession. It was characterized by a weak and decentralized government. The republican form of government may not be the object of a proposed amendment. The Economic Council may also be consulted by the Council of Ministers. So much so in 1958, it had to be scrapped because of a weak administration and the political unrest that was prevailing in France and Algeria. The duration of powers of each Assembly, its mode of election, the conditions of eligibility, and the rules of ineligibilities and incompatibilities of office, shall be determined by law. The Constitution declared: “France is a Republic—indivisible, secular, democratic and social.” Under the constitution, Parliamentary Democracy was established in France. Request for a vote of confidence may not be made except after deliberation by the Council of Ministers; it can be made only by the President of the Council.

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