skunk hour analysis

He must have the determination and spirit to live. Her son's a bishop. The theme of the poem is the loss and gain of spiritual powers by the poet, or his speaker, representing the modern American or modern man. So there is an atmosphere of doubt, failure and poverty of spirit, relieved temporarily by the actions of the courageous if slightly disgusting skunks. "...we’ve lost our summer millionaire, who seemed to leap from an L. L. Bean catalogue." Sample Papers; Tags . BachelorandMaster, 17 Nov. 2013, Robert Lowell famously wrote “Skunk Hour” for Elizabeth Bishop, who just as famously had written “The Armadillo” for him. Thomas Parkinson (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1968),131-132. Skunk Hour Quotes and Analysis. The last two stanzas bring some redemption for the sad, mad speaker, whose meaningless existence in a Maine backwater is put on hold temporarily by the simple act of scavenging by a lowly skunk. Skunk Hour was inspired by fellow poet Elizabeth Bishop's poem Armadillo. That process is also suggested by the pattern of the poem that moves from a dying old human mother who is failing to maintain her values to a young animal mother which is able to live so fully and actively. Andrew has a keen interest in all aspects of poetry and writes extensively on the subject. The speaker mentions how a “summer millionaire” has gone bankrupt and auctioned his yacht. Skunk Hour Summary. . The narrative, a personal take on the island's more controversial citizens, gains more momentum and darkness. hull to hull - the speaker sees the cars as boats, next to one another as if on a river. Poetry analysis: Skunk Hour, by Robert Lowell In beginning of “Skunk Hour” (the first four stanzas to be more precise), Robert Lowell gives the sense of a Maine sea town that is slowly declining. Then he starts to describe the things that have begun to go wrong with the place – the millionaire who lived there for the summer is gone, the town decorator seems depressed and … He climbs a hill and finds the degraded modern condition. It was the last poem in an important volume of poetry titled Life Studies, one of Lowell's most influential creations. Jackson Barry's "Robert Lowell: The Poet as Sign" contends that "in Lowell we find a very complex sign function where a physical signifier, the figure chosen, stands for a cluster of meanings attributed to but not inherent in the actual person" (180). For example, lines 4 through 6 state the following: "Her farmer / is first selectman in our village; / she's in her dotage." The title points to the disgusting phase of life that the poet was living when he had lost the courage, desire and purpose of living life. hill's skull - a suggestion of Golgotha, the hill Christ was crucified on? For example, lines 4 through 6 state the following: “Her farmer / is first selectman in our village; / … The revelation or epiphany at the end is unbelievable. He may be tainted inside, despairing, but at least he can remain humble and seek some solace from the natural world, despite the imposition of modern life around him - money and societal pressures and family traditions all take their toll. And that line about the graveyard is a powerful hint - the island's dead are looking in on this love-making too, just like the speaker. Or is he lonely only in his mind, despite others being near. Steven Gould Axelrod and James E. B. Breslin's criticisms of Robert Lowell's “Skunk Hour” agree about the significance and meaning of the first four stanzas. From "On Skunk Hour," in Robert Lowell: A Collection of Critical Essays, ed. And now our fairy decorator brightens his shop for fall; his fishnet’s filled with orange cork, orange, his cobbler’s bench and awl; there is no money in his work, he’d rather marry.One dark night, my Tudor Ford climbed the hill’s skull;I watched for love-cars . Tragedy in Medea play detailed analysis October 18, 2019. In the context of the entire Volume, "Skunk Hour" articulates a ground of values that make it possible to endure, if not to overcome, the anxieties of contemporary life and the loss of traditional grounds for value. Her farmer is first selectman in our village; she's in her dotage. The speaker is self-reflecting. His mind was getting more and more disordered. Uncategorized. The season’s ill— we’ve lost our summer millionaire, who seemed to leap from an L. L. Bean catalogue. Read through this stanza several times and the full end rhymes help it to become memorable, perhaps the poet's intention. . But when he himself reached the climax of frustration and depression, he one day, fortunately, learn the right lesson by looking at a skunk that is still living with full zeal an active and meaningful life, in its original and natural way.

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