why is poetry important in education

We have both dance and drama workshops inspired by children’s poems for this very reason. So far this year, my 12th grade literature students have read nearly 200,000 words for my class. Their poetry paints a picture, in language, tone and rhythm, of the treacherous reality they were facing. Though fewer people read poetry than novels, it can help students learn in more ways than you might imagine. 1 Language Awareness. Fine, If you want to do poetry in your own time, For all means do it. Today, it is an ever-present issue, forcing the government to take action for 2019. Poetry today suffers from an image problem. Children’s poetry, for instance, is not complex or dark in subject matter and uses very regular rhythm and rhyme schemes, which young students will enjoy. It doesn’t acknowledge form. The words of Kendrick Lamar or Akala might be seen by some as a form of low art, but the lyrical complexity of the work they produce not only displays great artistry, it’s actually relatable for young people. Poem of the week activitiescan be easily implemented to strengthen language arts lessons. The binary of right and wrong doesn’t seem to exist in poetry and that freedom can be a wonderful opportunity to encourage children’s own writing. For Wordsworth and his contemporaries 200 years ago, form was assumed. Show them you are strong like a mighty lion. By continuing to use this site we’ll assume you consent to this, however you can change your browser cookie settings at any time. And look beyond the earth. This only adds to the idea that poetry is difficult — which is often the main turn off for students. Mahmoud Darwish. Then, secondary school is even more repetition along with exposure to new ideas. “Students can let go of traditional writing rules with poetry. It allows them to explore how words sound and how sentences are constructed. Poetry is one of the most powerful forms of writing because it takes the english language, a language we believe we know, and transforms it. 06 Jul Why is Repetition Important to ... history usually alternates a little each year, but they will see the same concepts over and over, just like you did. Give students a chance to see poetry as a recess from grammar class. Likewise, understand the nuances of language, a key component of learning from poetry, can help students realise when language is used in advertising, the media and politics to manipulate them to make action. Ensure poetry of all kinds is a prominent part of the reading environment. Because it's a wonderful way to stimulate … This can be a great way to increase children’s confidence in their own writing. It also encourages us to consider the singular impact of each word in what we write. Poetry is NOT important. Teaching and learning from poetry can help students respect and understand the viewpoints of people across the globe. Behavioral Improvements Susan L. Wyant shows examples of this in her second grade classroom. But perhaps most importantly, poetry can have a positive impact on students’ mental health. Why should I use poetry? This creativity teaches children to experiment with language and to find new ways to communicate. Poetry has a place in our curriculum. These are the poets of today, who are not only more relatable to young people, they reflect the world we live in. When a single tweet or facebook post can be vilified, and spread like wildfire, potentially ruining a young person’s reputation, reading poetry can help children understand the impact of short-form language. It reflects how kids engage with social media and technology. Likewise, poets like Warsan Shire, a poet promoted by Beyonce, is not only an interesting poet to study, but kids are more likely to engage with someone who they’ve come across on social media. We all know that time is limited, and teachers have to make instructional choices. Within poetry lies a world of possibilities, there is no single correct way to create a poem. Even when it comes to teaching primary school kids. Do not hide your strengths or talents to please the like of others. Within poetry lies a world of possibilities, there is no single correct way to create a poem. Some short, some long. Children really do benefit from positive experiences with poetry. Bring some poetry into your hearts, homes, classrooms and schools. . Suddenly the words do not sound the same or mean the same. Poems tell a story, a story rooted in the moment they were conceived. If you are reluctant to teach poe… In a time of rising demand for teachers, are we at crisis point? This post includes five reasons to teach poetry in the classroom. Whilst understanding different poetic elements is important — particularly with aspects like line breaks and imagery — getting an insight into the way another person sees the world is what really connects people with a poem, especially for young people. Poetry is one of those topics that often gets dismissed as whimsical and unimportant. children to poetry regularly in formal and informal ways helps them to develop an appreciation of many kinds of writers and forms. Votes: 3. Less of us may read poetry than we did 100 years ago, but its importance for students has a far greater reach than people might initially expect, and its presence in the classroom is the best place to start. As parents, we may know that reading is important but not stop to think about the value of poetry. There is as much value in a Shakespearian sonnet as in Akala’s rap-poetry. But perhaps most importantly, poetry can have a positive impact on students’ mental health. It’s … It can add additional value to our studies. Poetry is not important as it has no unique value for students that only it can provide. Poets themselves also still suffer from the hackneyed associations of cravats, hats and perusing at ponds. With 1.5 billion downloads and 500 million active users, it’s the world’s most downloaded app — and its influence among young people continues to skyrocket. Poetry is a very integral part of children’s learning overall, and the learning of language skills.Poetry makes learning fun for children, and gives the opportunity to learn through association. For me, poetry is important because it provides a space for the imagination to experiment and push against “impossibilities.”. A poem does not contain information of importance, like a signpost or a warning notice. Some with rhyme and some without. Wordplay, rhythm and nonsense vocabulary are wonderful poetic features.

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