10k white gold rope chain

Made in Italy. }).then(function (response) { -----url: https://www.sarraf.com/landing-pages/curb-chains/ This 10K gold glitter rope chain is 3.0mm in diameter and has a polished finish. -----name: 18k White Gold ----0: [object Object] Made in Italy. // Wishlist events end -----url: https://www.sarraf.com/18k-selection/18k-white-gold/ -----formatted: 1.00 LBS ---6: [object Object] --productthumb_size: 100x100 ----stock_level: ----has_options: false ---start: 1 -----url: /10k-selection/10k-yellow-gold/wedding-bands/ fbq('dataProcessingOptions', ['LDU'], 0, 0); -----id: 5655 id="sig-bc" --shipping_handling: [object Object] --home: https://www.sarraf.com/ ---id: 5073 -----name: Necklaces -----url: https://www.sarraf.com/landing-pages/italian-hoope-earrings/ ----low_stock_level: How should I care for my diamond jewelry? ----num_reviews: 2 this._addTrans = gaAddTrans; --optimizedCheckout-buttonSecondary-colorHover: #333333 --carousel-arrow-borderColor: #ffffff --button--disabled-color: #ffffff search_string: getUrlParameter('search_query') --optimizedCheckout-buttonPrimary-borderColor: #cccccc --is_eu_ip_address: true --optimizedCheckout-buttonPrimary-color: #ffffff ----show_cart_action: true ----custom_fields: [object Object],[object Object] } service@sarraf.com, © 1996 -2021 Sarraf Jewelry Inc. Sarraf.com|All Rights Reserved | Site credits. -----formatted: 1.00 LBS ----add_to_wishlist_url: /wishlist.php?action=add&product_id=144003 -----2: [object Object] --0: [object Object] -----name: 30 Day Returns and Exchange Policy ----pre_order: false ---url: https://www.sarraf.com/10k-selection/10k-white-gold/chains/ ---id: 5281 -----alt: 10k White Gold 1.0mm Diamond Cut Rope Chain 16 Inches -pagination: [object Object] --homepage_top_products_count: 10 ---url: https://www.sarraf.com/14k-selection/ -----saved: [object Object] ---count: 0 -----image: [object Object] ----summary: 10K White Gold Solid 1.0mm diamond cut Rope chain measuring 22 Inches length; features lobster clasp. --label-color: #ffffff --15: [object Object] ----3: [object Object] --show_wishlist: true -----name: Why Shop at Sarraf -----name: Rings ----3: [object Object] -----image: [object Object] ----add_to_cart_url: https://www.sarraf.com/cart.php?action=add&product_id=144003 ---name: Mother's Day -----name: Pricing & Availability Sale. 10K Solid White Gold Diamond Cut Rope Chain Necklace 1.25mm thick 18 Inches . ... You’ll find everything from 10K white gold necklaces for your everyday look to iced-out pieces that are guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention. -----tax_label: Tax --optimizedCheckout-orderSummary-backgroundColor: #ffffff