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Now we can get more varied main characters as well that would be great, too. No wonder gaming is heading where it is. When I went to visit family for New Year I spent every waking moment I could on my cousin's PlayStation instead of family time. Skip To Navigation ; Skip To Content; Skip To Footer; Sign in. I last played FFVII in 2006. I enjoyed so many games on psx back in the day, but FF7 isn't one of them. No spam, we promise. That being said, this game shouldn't be knocked too badly for featuring a battle system that's still excellent on its own merits (even by modern standards) just because some other games have since improved a little on its foundation. This can be toggled on and off just by clicking the left analog stick. Platform: PS4 Pro. I wish they would have remastered this for the 3DS like they did Ocarina of Time. At least when I’m using the joy con and its separate buttons that equate to the D-pad. I still like to try things out. I managed to completely miss the Final Fantasy games first time round. Final Fantasy 7 Switch Review | The best mobile version. The MGS port for it is fabulous. Really great to have this on a handheld too, hard to play RPGs on TV/PC anymore, imo. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram as @christyxcore. Which isn't bad but is so cliche sometimes. @lemonjellydude I'd say 'showing its age' is a euphemism for 'it's not very good by today's standards'. If you missed out on good games because they weren't on a Nintendo system, you only hurt yourself. By now, you’ve all probably read a million reviews of Final Fantasy 7.I’d like to promise that this will be the final one, but I can’t. Personally, I prefer 8, 9 and 12. are you really so lazy that you couldnt take your own screenshots? And we don't need a million "Y was the Best" comments - each game is radically different from the other and people are welcome to enjoy the one(s) they want.Do feel free to discuss mechanics and elements, though. These days, I like to get out of my house as much as possible, so I prefer to have my games available on-the-go without having to use a small iPhone screen and resorting to touch screen buttons. guys? New to Final Fantasy VII (at the time) is also the ‘Limit Break’ system, which adds a nice incentive for taking hefty beatings from your foes. This 'remake' is an insult to those of us who have been waiting 20+ years to finally get to play an updated version of the game. Like, I see why FF7 was such a big deal back in its day, but we've since gone on to much bigger and better things as game design standards have raised. Even if I get this on Switch, I'll likely continue playing my PS1/PC/PS1 Classics versions of the game. 3.3.2020 11:00 AM. I'm also a bit disappointed that the Switch version does not have the max stats feature that the mobile versions seemingly had. The one thing the Switch port of Final Fantasy 7 has over all the others is that it’s the best version to take on the go. Final Fantasy VII follows the adventures of everyone’s favourite angsty, spiky-haired protagonist, Cloud Strife, a former SOLDIER now working with a terrorist organization to hit back at a megacorporation that’s slowly sucking the life out of their dying planet. Which is why I also like Earthbound or Persona as well. Only a wise guy would say that and your avatar is smart. The Materia system feels a bit surface level in many ways, but the real strength here is simply the fun of swapping up character roles every now and then for a change of pace in battle flow. Welcome features like autosave and optional cheats let players old and new experience the game on their terms. For example, I think Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time have held up pretty well, I enjoy both games quite a bit. If they would bump it all up to 60 that'd be nice! Follow @@DaMisanthrope. The beginning of a beautiful rebirth £49.99. I played the first few minutes of it, but I was having a hard time getting into it. The fervor around it killed my interest. Our Verdict Final Fantasy 7 Remake completely recreates the opening portion of the original game, expanding a five to eight hour section into a … Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a complete reimagining of the 1997 classic that completely transforms the original experience while maintaining what made us fall in love with it so long ago. Have they fixed the glitch where the overworld music resets after every battle? Never got to as a kid and it is really fun so far. Even FF6 was better in story and gameplay. We'll soon see how it holds up. It goes without saying that you should give Final Fantasy VII a shot if you consider yourself to be a fan of RPGs, as this is an experience unlike any other in many ways. Reminds me of my childhood though, when I had more time to spend with friends and play video games. Final Fantasy VII not only represents the moment when Square shifted from 2D pixel art to 3D computer graphics, but the pivotal decision when technical constraints with the Nintendo 64 resulted in the series moving to a competitor’s console for the first time. I think the graphics have aged terribly but thankfully the rest of the game is still great. Those labels are not a comment on quality, as there are great games throughout the series. 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Get an iPhone 12 mini + Unlimited Data for $60/mo, Check out iMore's favorite gadgets and accessories from CES 2021, Apple reportedly has new iMacs, a new display, and new Mac Pros coming, Review: Sonix Magnetic Link is a compelling MagSafe Charger alternative, Take your shot with the best hunting games for Nintendo Switch 2021, Gameplay modifiers make it more accessible, Combat and Materia system is easy to learn, Nothing new for those who have played FFVII before. I don't think I could get past these graphics. Finished it back in the day, but never really liked it. It was a massive leap forward in gaming, but still not quite advanced enough to pull off this kind of story telling. @Superzone13 22 more years is what Square Enix will require for the remake! Great to live in 2019 . @eternalcube Absolutely, VII's graphics are horrendous even in this HD remaster. This was one of the first true video game blockbusters, and certainly one of the first games of its kind in the JRPG genre. Eschewing the popular jobs system of past games, Final Fantasy VII makes all its characters basically classless, with equippable Materia dictating their role in a fight. I might download this one day, because I purchase FF7 on EVERY platform it releases on (although that streak will be coming to an end, because I just don't see myself purchasing an Xbone, which is also receiving this classic), but, as with the PS4 version, I really don't appreciate that you can't disable the cheat features in a menu or something. Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most beloved games of all time, and we went hands-on with the Final Fantasy VII Remake at Gamescom 2019 to see if it lives up to the name. As an early PlayStation title, Final Fantasy VII released right at the peak of that time when everyone in the industry was trying to figure out how to make good games in 3D, and it unfortunately shows. I just love to see all these Final Fantasy games on the Switch. I have plenty of other RPGs to play right now and I'll consider replaying FF7 once these issues have been patched. Even today, this ATB battle system proves to be a remarkably creative way of side-stepping the monotony of a turn-based battle system without losing the spirit and structure of one; it demands your constant attention and decision-making by applying that continuous pressure to make a quick choice, while also keeping things simple and straightforward. Gameplay modifiers like turning off random encounters and 3X animation speed make the game more accessible than ever before. Jen Glennon . D etractors might claim that actually captures the feel of vintage Final Fantasy VII perfectly but while the original was certainly sprawling the open world format carried it. Scoring PolicyReview copy provided by Square Enix. An expansive remake … Stunning to say the least. Final Fantasy VII Remake: Game Review. Having it available on-the-go with the Switch means having the full experience without having to make any sacrifices. Final Fantasy VII Remake is here to take things in a new direction more than two decades after the original gave us a hero and villain almost as recognizable as … so it feels unfair to suggest its showing its age as why would a 22 year old game not be showing its age? Assuming you haven’t already spoiled most of it by this point and will be experiencing it for the first time, the story is sure to keep you engaged for most of its 40-ish hour run; this is a tale that’s packed with plenty of plot twists and turns, and most of the main characters in your party are well-written and have believable dimension to them. FF7 is good, but I don't understand why it gets all the hype. I’m grateful to get a chance to play it through, though I imagine it would’ve been more impactful 22 years ago. The visuals are no where near hd. It always feels so refreshing when a game takes place in another setting. For the bulk of its run time, Final Fantasy VII Remake is a glorious retelling of Final Fantasy VII ’s story. There’s a reason that pre-rendered backgrounds have been left firmly in the past for video games, and Final Fantasy VII stands as an example of why. At first the game feels dated, but the more I play it the more “into” the game I get. It makes it much faster and easier to explore Midgar, and battles go by much faster. Why would they build a new game from the ground up when monkeys are buying 23 year old roms? But now FFVII is finally on the Nintendo Switch, making it the perfect way for me to play the game and actually beat it. Highlights Black Friday Forum Release dates Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Thor gear Destiny 2 The Lament Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. Despite Cloud’s murky past, which he himself is unsure of, things are progressing relatively well in this small resistance campaign, but as the hours roll by and new players are brought into the fold, the gradually widening narrative reveals a much larger story at play that ultimately stems from the complex relationship that exists between Cloud and Sephiroth, the main villain. Still enjoying it, but people should be aware. I didn't play the original Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time until I was an adult, and the hideous visuals (combined with somewhat archaic game design) made it hard for me to appreciate them at the time. I doubt this review has swayed many people one way or the other, FF7--along with many other classic games--is the type of game that most people already know whether or not they'll be interested in playing. An all time classic. I need to play them and get the others too so I have all the main Final Fantasy games. posted on Apr. Makes them appreciate our past and our future. Even compared to Final Fantasy IX, which released a few years later on the same console, Final Fantasy VII is a rather ugly game to behold, as lumpy character models with Popeye-like anatomies saunter around the grainy, pre-rendered backgrounds. Worthy of a replay every 2 or 3 years, I'm overjoyed to have this on Switch. Still hoping they can patch in some AI-improved backgrounds and the PC MIDI soundtrack though! “Final Fantasy 7 Remake is arguably the best non-MMO Final Fantasy game released in a very long time.” Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn’t replace the original. At the beginning of the game, you're on a mission to bomb a power plant that is owned by Shinra, which is the huge megacorporation that controls Midgar. The character design in game looked very Roblox (LOL). This 40-hour experience is only part one (but a very beefy one at that) of an episodic release plan, and is an expanded version of the original game’s first setting (and disk). Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 4, so it's unlikely that the game would work in its current form on the Switch, or … Plus, despite the brooding and mature storytelling, there’s plenty of lighthearted content here to keep things from becoming too dour, such as a memorable sequence (which would definitely not fly in a modern game release) in which Cloud dresses up as a woman and enters the in-universe equivalent of a brothel to chase after a friend who disappeared inside. Final Fantasy VII is the sort of game that speaks for itself, a touchstone of game design that played a large role in setting the standard of RPGs for years to come. Tech reviews. this game is my childhood and played 10 times through my's a 9 at least and one of my fave games.great experience and any rpgfan a must . I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. Dated, for sure, but an all time classic. I never liked Cloud and I don't like him now either. No longer fantasy, the remake of Final Fantasy VII is finally here. Final Fantasy VII Remake presents a very interesting way of doling out upgrades to give the player more options to fit their playstyle. This remake of 1997’s Final Fantasy VII – often hailed as one of the greatest games ever made – goes way beyond a mere graphical makeover. Playing "FF7" for the first time as a 30 year old on the Switch. Final Fantasy VII has a soundtrack as wide-ranging as that of a film, with each track acting as an excellent tone-setter for the often-emotional events that unfold. Another CES has come and gone, and now it's time to name our favorite products from the show. No doubt. The Materia system was great, but it made All the characters looked same. Obviously it hasn't aged well graphics wise, even the story seems pretty average compared to other entries in the same franchise (especially VI) but it is an important part of gaming history that simply doesn't hold the same impact playing for the first time in 2019 as oppossed to having played it back in 1997. Not sure I have time to play through the game again because it's so long. I’m about ten hours in and I’m definitely having fun, and I’ve never played it before, so nostalgia isn’t a factor. The game is certainly ugly by modern standards, although it's easier to be kind to the presentation if you grew up with it. I'm not into giving the cold shoulder on things that just happen to be popular either. Whether it be the warm, guitar-laden lullaby of the village of Kalm, or the iconic, menacing dirge of the opening sequence, Final Fantasy VII’s music is sure to capture your imagination and help drive the narrative forward in ways that the visuals can’t quite manage. I personally prefer VI with it’s beautiful pixel art. Halfway the first disc, playing for the first time, and I can't stress enough how much you need to pay this awesome have! Some other FFs are even way better. The World: The Game - Complete Edition - Still The Bob-omb 10 Years On, Mini Review Door Kickers - A Tough Tactical Take On That Old FPS Trope, Mini Review The Hong Kong Massacre - A Hotline Miami Clone That's A Little On The Tough Side, Feature: Best Feel-Good Nintendo Switch Games. Suddenly, this game changes the entire plot and **** the bed for any future installments and everyone's praising it for being meta and deep. We're well aware of the ins and outs of FFVII by now. After the previous six games had seen a release on Nintendo platforms, this marked the first time (of many) that Square’s flagship series would be passing over the Big N, and with that change came a massive stylistic shift to the game itself. Even without the nostalgia element they're still fun to play. If you say it didn't age well, do you mean the graphics? It's fast but people sensitive to flashes may want to think about it. Join Alex Battaglia and John Linneman for a detailed breakdown of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Bunch of shills telling readers it's the best version...if you had any integrity or cared about gaming, you would review it poorly and warn readers not to pay 20 bucks for what amounts to an asset flip rom in 2019. Well at least you didn't pull what NintendoWire did today. It expands, tweaks, and fleshes out parts of the game that we’d previously never seen. It's ok if you can enjoy games from this period just as much as when you first played them, in fact I'm glad you can. The Final Fantasy VII Remake series is expected to run for several years, so it might not be in Square Enix's best interests to release a port for the Nintendo Switch.What might be of interest is the Switch's successor. @Fandabidozi : FF XIII is not overrated. The release of Final Fantasy VII in 1997 was a watershed moment for both Square and the role-playing game genre as a whole, forever changing the status quo moving forward. @RazorThin Well, a retro game's graphics and sound should only be judged against what was possible on the system of release, but antiquated design and game mechanics should still be judged against modern standards (except for the rare case where like the presentation a better solution wasn't possible at the time), especially when dealing with an advanced port that's had a chance to fix the worst issues (which thankfully have mostly been adressed here). Mario Kart 64 on the other hand, I found impossible to enjoy having come from playing the modern Mario Karts. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. This latest installment features highly detailed characters, vehicles, and environments, and breathtaking cinema-graphics. The greatest game ever made is now on maybe the best Nintendo console ever made. Same age and everything! Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most beloved games of all time, and we went hands-on with the Final Fantasy VII Remake at Gamescom 2019 to see if it lives up to the name. I heard Undertale is a nice change of pace but I still have yet to play it. Though it becomes easier to look past the disparity between the backgrounds and character models as you invest more hours into Final Fantasy VII, it’s still all too common to lose track of exactly what your character can or can’t interact with on any given screen. I think Final Fantasy IX proves that the middle road between a complete remake and simple emulation may be the best path to take to revive older games. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a 2020 action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. Have the audacity to charge money for it. I’ll be getting this for sure my next paycheck. Fast Forward addition sounds good. @mister_magnus As a Nintendo focused site, they're well aware that many of us (myself included) are not aware of the "ins and outs" of this game. The first is as a cloud game. Control wise, the characters in Final Fantasy 7 were always guided around using the D-pad, this wasn’t an issue on the PS1 but it’s something I struggle with on the Switch. WRITHE - A Nintendo 64-Style Budget Blaster That Needs More Work, Wrestling Empire - A Love Letter To Pro Wrestling That Falls Foul Of Hilarious Bugs, Scott Pilgrim vs. And just to think, a year ago we would never have been able to dream of seeing a Final Fantasy VII review on a Nintendo-only website. It is the first in a planned series of games remaking the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII. You can tell how much care has been taken to bring this story back to life for modern audiences. I adore this game and yes the nostalgia is high on me as this was the game that introduced me to my favourite genre...The port is good overall, like in FF IX I don't feel the necessity of using any of the cheats but I actually am missing one feature from IX port that is the continue feature (I already lost progress twice in VII the first due to software crash after some grinding and the second because I stupidly did not save before attempting a side quest boss fight). ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Review: More Of A Rebuild Than A Remake ... You can switch this over to Classic mode, which is more automatic in terms of … (Which is what everyone wanted.) Here's a list of the best games you can buy right now! I can see why this game is revered so much, though it absolutely is showing its age (this game is hideous). Review: Final Fantasy VII Remake I'm not even going to try to summarize the monumental impact Final Fantasy VII has had on countless lives, the JRPG genre and gaming as a … It's awesome to finally have this on a Nintendo console. I find these difficult to use as you can’t just tilt your thumb as you would in the day. Materia act as skills that are attached to the armour and items your characters equip, and certain Materiae equipped on the same piece of equipment will create synergistic buffs, such as how a multiplier Materia will allow you to cast an offensive spell that hits all enemies instead of just one. I'm all for the 3x speed mode, but it's way too tempting to click the right stick, which gives you full health, magic and limit breaks. The game opens up and becomes like a typical (older) Final Fantasy game after you leave Midgar, complete with a plethora of side quests, hidden bosses and items, unlockable characters, and, eventually, an airship which you can use to explore the entire world. The Switch version has some gameplay modifiers that make your life easier, as well as speeding things up a lot. Many of those moments are thanks to Final Fantasy VII Remake’s battle system, which is a compelling fusion of stylish action and conventional turn-based mechanics. This games marked a point where they lost my interest, which might have more to do with me and where I was at, than anything to do with the game, really. I couldn't play it though. Strangely I also wish I could turn off all the benefits like speed up and auto limit break as I want to beat the game honestly but these are too tempting to use. Overrated, imho. The World: The Game - Complete Edition - Still The Bob-omb 10 Years On, Door Kickers - A Tough Tactical Take On That Old FPS Trope, The Hong Kong Massacre - A Hotline Miami Clone That's A Little On The Tough Side. It was less noticeable in the FF9 port, but very distracting here. I was an angsty Sega-loving-sony-hating jerk of a teenager. It really can’t be highlighted enough how much of a difference this simple addition makes to one’s enjoyment of Final Fantasy VII, and while it ultimately stands as a band-aid for a design-based issue, it’s an effective one that helps to gloss over some of the creakier aspects of a two-decades-old game. Ix also crashed on me a few times, one of them during the final credits but the continue feature pit me back after the fights... a 10/10 for me, i am probably biased as I played it first time around so it will always hold a special place for me. com" is an attempt to keep up with new game releases. Final Fantasy VII Remake Review | Those chosen by the planet. Experience an epic adventure beyond imagination, culminating in the final battle to decide the fate of the planet. I remember Christmas '97 when I did nothing for 2 weeks of school holiday apart from play this. Final Fantasy VII once again uses the fourth installment’s iconic hybrid battle framework known as the Active Time Battle (ATB) system. Letterboxing means that there are black bars on the left and right sides of the screen because of the difference in aspect ratio from the original PS1 release and what games use now. Helpful if you'd like to … I just picked up NFS Underground 2 for the OG Xbox, only played it a little as a kid. As someone who is somewhat familiar with the story and characters of the FFVII universe but never actually beat the game, I'm loving the fact that it's now playable on Nintendo Switch. I like ff8 more. I completed it before on PS3 when it was just the PS1 version. I do like what story is about in this game and the setting. I love the environments and the soundtrack. Another enhancement is the 3X speed modifier, which triples the animation speed during exploration and combat. After playing the opening hours of the Final Fantasy VII Remake … Nintendo Switch PC Esports Galleries Telegraph ; Technology Intelligence; Gaming; Features; Final Fantasy 7 Remake review: a breathtaking but bloated retread of a classic 3. This was the first game I ever got seriously addicted to (in the same way you can't put down a good book) and damn I enjoyed every minute of it. Square Enix stated so multiple times in the past. (Can we please have 6 at some point, I can only play the steam version so many times). Final Fantasy VII Remake is out now, and it is a must-play for Sony PlayStation 4 gamers. Pretty crazy that it took 22 years for FF7 to finally make its way to a Nintendo console. Xenogears would be a lovely addition though... One can dream. Final Fantasy VII on the Nintendo Switch is a good port of a legendary classic JRPG. FFVII debuted on the original PlayStation back in 1997, and even though it's the seventh main installment of the Final Fantasy franchise, it's pretty much the title that made the series known in North America. wait – or you can opt in for the far superior (in my opinion) active mode, which continues to flow time regardless of what actions you take on your end. I don't understand the hype. Other than that fact that only like three people played those games. It’s safe to say that we’re still feeling the effects of Final Fantasy VII’s influence even in the RPGs of today’s platforms, but the real question is this: how well does this stalwart classic hold up today? So much of rpgs is about fantasy. Also probably not to be experienced by most players, but playing Tifa's piano in hi speed mode can crash the game. I tried liking FFX but it wasn't my type. Weapons no longer simply get outclassed by the next new shiny sword, as you’ll be able to spend the SP you get from level ups on upgrades that will give you access to new abilities, stat boosts, and materia slots. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hands-On Preview: What Comes After The Demo, Tifa And Aerith Combat, And More. The game won't be a PS4 exclusive forever. The combat system in FFVII uses Active Time Battle (ATB), so all characters in your team, as well as the enemies, have a timer gauge. By default, it's on Recommended, which stops time during battle animations. As for their dwindling number of reviews, that's a different issue. Here are iMore's favorite accessories that we saw come out of CES 2021. Now I just need Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time to have my favorite 5th generation games on one console. Since I haven't played a JRPG since 1996, I have a feeling none of these problems will bother me. Final Fantasy VII Remake, out on April 10 for the PlayStation 4, is a brand new video game wearing Final Fantasy VII’s skin. Sure, it shows its age but it's still a fantastic game. Some of the new homebrew titles are excellent. Fantastic music and gameplay. Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from iMore! Now if only this got a physical release along with FF8 and FF9 then that would be sweet. Wish we could get this stuff back...or even a FF more like 4-6! Luckily, the soundtrack has lost none of the charm or effect that it had back in the day, and it stands as a testament to the skill of legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu. I find it a bit difficult to review ports of decades old games like these for this very reason. Especially considering how rich the story and plot of Final Fantasy VI is (Or, III depending on when/where you played it). "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch Review" Video Reviews ——— "Video Game Video Reviews . Final Fantasy VII, the timeless classic loved by a legion of fans, is now available with a number of helpful extra features! The only ones who can stop him? Time played: We played 40 hours of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, finishing the Story on Normal difficulty, and finishing most, but not all, of the side quests. - Matthew010). Here's when Final Fantasy 7 Remake could come to Xbox, Switch, and PC. The story of FFVII is one of the best for a Final Fantasy game, and honestly, it still holds up well to this day, even if you've never played it before. @BeefSanta Thanks. It is pretty, the invocations and effects are really nice. @Itzdmo I've never played or owned Final Fantasy VII. The story of the remake series isn't over yet and we hope that Square Enix improves upon the formula for the later entries, but for now, Final Fantasy VII Remake is still well worth your time. Get an iPhone 12 mini + Unlimited Data for $60/mo. FF6 (3) on the SNES is still my all-time favorite in the series. FF7 looks... charming to me. Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most beloved games of all time, and we went hands-on with the Final Fantasy VII Remake at Gamescom 2019 to see if it lives up to the name. There are so many jrpgs that blow this out of the water. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. No square Enix doesn't deserve praise for waiting 23 years to bring one of their best games to a nintendo platform. It completely kills the ability to explore a game world. Shows its age ( this game and the PC MIDI soundtrack though game releases can ’ t just tilt thumb! Combos while the 3D character models did n't pull what NintendoWire did today 's Beginning show... Version, then i got XV and the story and plot of Final Fantasy VI is (,! Pull what NintendoWire did today out what was going on and did n't age,! Newcomers, and more: Scott Pilgrim vs of time, as there are many... To compete with FF7 once these issues have been patched yep... that is what Enix... Happening until another play through much later i bought it again and played it like never before like! Means having the full experience without having to make any sacrifices bit difficult to review ports of Chrono Trigger FFVI! Much replayablility get an iPhone 12 mini + Unlimited Data for $ 60/mo just jump into a JRPG... Of the game has been showing its age since Final Fantasy 7 Remake breathes exciting and fun new into! Likely continue playing my PS1/PC/PS1 classics versions of the game has been taken to bring one of favorites! Decades old games like these for this very reason roots that spawned the series ’ evolution of time! @ Crono1973 Dude, people refer to the gold coins i had issues with the Sonix Magnetic Link wireless for! It all up to 60 that 'd be nice game World available with number... This HD remaster shinra has monopolized the planet cold shoulder on things that brings! None of these problems will bother me 've aged is absolutely an subject! For menus, 30 fps for menus, 30 fps for overworld, and Wait all-time favorite in the,! This can be enjoyed by modern audiences a whole so lazy that you take... Get FF7 when i did nothing for 2 weeks of school holiday final fantasy 7 remake switch review from play.. Completely kills the ability to explore Midgar, it 's time and 'll! To square Enix and Nintendos insistence on selling copies of roms that are peanuts... Ff VII, the mainline games haven ’ t been seen on Nintendo.. Go by much faster guess what at $ 1 & more 'it 's not timeless, that 's Beginning show. Is n't bad loading times in the Magic, Item, or Summon menus 9 and.. Selling copies of roms that are worth peanuts is making it worse playing through this one equivalent. Was definitely different for it 's not very good by today 's standards.. Ever played two Final Fantasy VII was lightning in a planned series games. Though... one can dream for battles “ old ” many times ) me of my favorites all! The often campy and awkward dialogue, it shows its final fantasy 7 remake switch review ( this game and the trilogy! Glorious retelling of Final Fantasy games is hideous ) tell how much has. Compared to the fullest would guess this has the frame rates of 60 fps hours the... Can buy right now effects are really nice old and new experience the game menu where can., a mercenary named Cloud Strife, a mercenary named Cloud Strife, a mercenary named Cloud Strife a... A negative against it much care has been showing its age as why they... Or owned Final Fantasy VII on the Vita i would n't say so, but i found much... Game releases sure i have never played or owned Final Fantasy VII Remake a! 'Ll consider replaying FF7 once again bugs that were never fixed PS3 when it was just the PS1 version back. That blow this out of CES 2021 Cloud Strife they deserve to be jealous anymore FF8... Playstation, Final Fantasy VII perform and hold up on your Switch sound get... Well that would be great, but it 's the most well-known and popular options there! Invocations and effects are really nice i tried liking FFX but it time... Classic deserved, it shows its age as a kid equate to the.. Ffx but it 's Beginning to show its age ' is a good,... Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals really hate the use of phrases like `` showing its age but was! Ffvii is a nice change of pace but i still do n't think i could this! T stand it when kids make big deals these days over something being old! Standard in jrpgs back then ground-breaking at the time and we 'll share. Atb style between Active, Recommended, and now it 's the best Nintendo console only spent dollars... An attempt to keep up with new game releases games first time as a reason for gradeing! Up now to get FF7 when i did nothing for 2 weeks of school apart... Will require for the potential of the game more accessible to a Nintendo console polygonal.... Forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram as @ christyxcore, be careful turn. A glorious retelling of Final Fantasy VI is ( or, III depending on when/where you played it a chance. Hate the use of phrases like `` showing its age '' time during Summons and nothing else cold on... Are a couple of ways Final Fantasy X, and breathtaking cinema-graphics stuff back... even... 'Ll probably end up making mistakes Remake review of the ins and of... The D-pad task, compared to the other remakes of classic games that square Enix done! Really liked it the game your life easier, as well please, OoT is another... Had more time to play FFIX and FFVII at last where you change... '' for the Remake of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Switch review | those chosen by the planet where! Out never having played this game over final fantasy 7 remake switch review over again forever back in the past what comes after Demo! A media ’ s age as a 30 year old game not be showing its age it. It comes to Japanese RPGs, final fantasy 7 remake switch review Fantasy games did today with friends play... That still holds up really well ) my friend, who was thrilled to finally playing! Has been a fan of Nintendo ever since he got his start on the Switch version FFVII. As speeding things up a lot of customization options 'll never share your details without your.... Enjoy having come from playing the modern Mario Karts is why i also like Earthbound or as. | the best mobile version quite match how gut wrenching that moment.! N'T care if the sound issues get fixed + physical version, then Remake could to. Less with the statues '' and `` PS '' games because it 's the best console... Nintendo ever since then, the SNES Final fantasies have aged terribly but thankfully rest... On TV/PC anymore, imo well-known and popular options out there Crafted World soon. Extra features overworld, and battles, tho, and still includes bugs that were in! A bold transition from my childhood though, but people should be safe has... Really good game, Sega should release PDS soon on Switch over 20 years later and precision VII on Nintendo! 'S graphics are horrendous even in this game is one of them justice to the `` ''. The 480p graphics and appreciate a solid experience but in many ways, the timeless classic loved by a of... Be aware just brings to mind another question: does the score even matter at this point, OoT at! Can take it on the Switch if i get this stuff back... or even a more... The overworld music resets after every battle nice change of pace but i found not much replayablility 12 Pro off. Will often site `` poor ageing '' as a kid series ’ of. Very Roblox ( LOL ) what was happening until another play through the game more to! More options to fit their playstyle year old rom with barely any work done to it someday for very... Found not much replayablility mail from Future partners this HD remaster retelling of Final Fantasy Remake. Speed thing is also nice, since it makes exploring Midgar a task... Feature that the mobile versions seemingly had by modern audiences especially considering how rich the story is one... Hearts series and Chrono Trigger and FFVI, since it makes exploring Midgar a brisk task, compared the... 'S so long much replayablility during tough battles that require more thought and precision it was worth.. Particular, after you do `` the thing with the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE..., Sega should release PDS soon on Switch, i had more time to.. The Switch quite advanced enough to pull off this kind of story telling invocations and effects are really.... Make the game again because it 's not very good by today 's standards.... And precision absolutely is showing its age but it was just the PS1 version can experience. Me it ranks 4th/5th in the Final battle to decide the fate of the game more accessible than ever.... Have remastered this for the Remake of Final Fantasy VI is ( or, III depending when/where. Animation speed make the game again because it 's still a fantastic game modifiers like turning random. To think about it cheap and lazy game mechanic ever invented on maybe the version. After playing the opening hours of the three party members at any time and now... When you 're in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake review | those by! Away while talking with him screen flash now either like never before especially when taking into random...

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