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Parents (Deceased)[5]August (Son; Deceased)[6]Makarov Dreyar (Godson)[7] Makarov tells her that they just want to embarrass them but Mavis thinks that it is too simple for a goal. Download. Mavis Vermillion 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Mavis Vermillion was the firstGuild Masterand co-founder of theFairy Tail Guild.Despite her body being comatose and sealed within aLacrimathat has become to be known asFairy Heart,she continues to interact with the guild and its members as aThought Projection. Before the curse, Mavis loved and cherished her guild and friends; after being cursed, little changed in her heart. Precht resolved at that point to kill Yuri, but Mavis continued to refuse to do so, and claimed that although she may not be a treasure hunter, she would save Yuri and Magnolia and protect her friends, as she hunts the treasure of friendship. [112] Mavis agrees to trust Natsu, but says that she also has a few plans of her own. Fictional Character See more ideas about Zeref, Fairy tail ships, Mavis. She later comments briefly about Sherria Blendy's Magic Power. Seeing the group, Mavis raises both her hands and Tenrou Island appears inside a giant sphere bearing the mark of her guild. Respecto a su vestimenta, ella lleva un vestido rosa con volantes en capas de color blanco con los bordes de color rojo y figuras de color azul. [29], Seven years later in X686, three mysterious men arrived on Tenrou Island, commenting on the beautiful climate. [133] In spite of Mavis's insistence, Cana states that she simply cannot kill Mavis. Portrayal Image Gallery, Mavis Vermillion (メイビス・ヴァーミリオン Meibisu Vāmirion) was the first Guild Master[8] and co-founder of the Fairy Tail Guild. Human [19] Though playful, she can be quite serious at times. Gender Zera, having jumped on the skeleton to protect her, was urged by Mavis to flee and get someplace safer while she protected her friends. As she watches, she thinks to herself about how the power of friendship can take down most obstacles in one's path. Mavis Vermillion Voiced by: Mamiko Noto [12] (Japanese); Leah Clark (English) Mavis Vermillion ( メイビス・ヴァーミリオン , Meibisu Vāmirion ) is the first and founding master of Fairy Tail, [ ch. However, it was Zeref who actually … [109], Prior to the activation of Face, Mavis' body is revealed to be encased in a Lacrima in Fairy Tail's basement. [10] However, Lumen Histoire ends up not being unleashed and Makarov weeps that he did not have to courage to do so. She becomes so hopeless that she tries and fails to end her life through starvation, but, upon seeing how Zeref is suffering from the curse just like her, she finds new hope through feelings of empathy and love, resolving to find a way to break the curse. ", Mavis Vermillion [62] During the rest of the day, she mostly stays silent, only commenting once, on the rarity of Kurohebi's Mimic. [68], Later that night, Mavis goes to Ryuzetsu Land with Makarov and Laxus to have some fun in the pool. Mavis then appears, claiming that it simply means it is not the time yet. When the Mages wonder what use Zeref could have for that kind of power, Mavis speculates that he wishes to defeat Acnologia, who has been thwarting his plans for a long time now. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Mavis immediately reacted to their presence, having created an army of soldiers with her Illusion Magic, which frightened her opponents and caused them to stop. Mavis demanded the Tenrou Jade to be returned lest she unleash her power, but the Blue Skull Master was unfazed and saw through her Magic, dispelling it himself and sending his subordinates in to attack. [125] When it is revealed that the invading forces to the north and south are being intercepted by two guilds each, respectively, Romeo, with the backing of Jet and Droy, insists that they should go and assist them, to which Mavis wholeheartedly concurs. When she tells Makarov that they appear to be unafraid of the fight to come, Makarov tells her that she is wrong, and that they are all extremely fearful and are clinging to each other for support, which he adds that they do because their parent is afraid. <3 ~Fairy Tail Anime mazusu: “ “I’ve never loved anyone this much. [105], Mavis is then present at Crocus as the 7 Dragons controlled by Future Rogue attack Fiore's Mages. Though Mavis quickly agreed to Zera's request, she turned to see that the young girl had fallen to the ground. Remembering the latter's drinking habits, Mavis then quickly tells Cana to forget what she had said. The way Mavis “died” is after zeref told her that she has the same curse as him she started to distance her self from people after Yuri's wife died because she cannot control the curse and a year later zeref finds her [106], Later, after the battle is over and the Dragons return to their own time, Mavis is seen looking at the town from above, noting with saddened expression that not even a single Dragon Slayer managed to defeat any of the Dragons. [117], Mavis then proceeds to watch as Erza comes face-to-face with Ajeel, declaring that they need to put faith in her ability to win. Mavis then watches as Makarov throws Natsu out of the guild as well so he can defeat Jacob, and happily smiles when he does so. Zeref le enseñó magia a sus compañeros y a ella le ayudó a reforzar la suya además de enseñarle el hechizo Law.Ambos parecían llevarse bien e incluso Zeref le dijo que era una chica muy dulce a la que no quería hacer daño. However, Fairy Sphere also acts as a stasis chamber, and anyone trapped inside will not age. Fairy Tail: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Mavis Vermillion Fairy Tail's Mavis Vermillion is an incredibly strong character, but there are a few things that just don't add up. By the time Precht encased her body in a Lacrima, though, Mavis was biologically twent… Mavis Mirai Vermillion-Dragneel has always been missplaced ever since her dragon disappeared, and stumbled into the Leaf Village. Base of Operations Mavis Mirai Vermillion-Dragneel has always been missplaced ever since her dragon disappeared, and stumbled into the Leaf Village. Mavis Vermilion and Zeref. Mavis suspects Precht had leaked the information on the Lumen Histoire to Raven Tail, and blames herself as she begins to cry over her poor choice for Fairy Tail's second master. [39] After being warned not to touch the Tenrou Jade, Mavis disregarded his warning, until Geoffrey informed her that if the Jade is touched, it will destroy all of Magnolia, leaving Mavis astonished. Previous Partner(s) [102], Mavis senses something off during Fairy Tail's victory, With Team Fairy Tail now confronting Sting, Mavis waits for the outcome while Team Fairy Tail stands defiantly against Sting. Él le responde que no puede hacer tal cosa, ya que ninguno podrá morir a causa de la maldición, haciendo mención de que logró encontrar una forma de vivir, puesto que ahora tienen una gran cantidad de tiempo a causa de su inmortalidad. Mavis commends Lucy, but looks on in embarrassment when Makarov punches Jacob out of the guild, declaring that on "Respect for the Aged Day," the person he should be respecting most is Mavis. Mavis Vermilion (メイビス・ヴァーミリオン, Meibisu Vāmirion) é a primeira Mestre de Guilda5 e cofundadora da Fairy Tail.6.Apesar de seu corpo estar em coma e selado dentro da Lacrima que tornou a ser conhecido como Fairy Heart,7 ela continua a interagir com a guilda e os seus membros em um corpo ethereal. Aug 16, 2016 - Discover photos, videos and articles from friends that share your passion for beauty, fashion, photography, travel, music, wallpapers and more. [15] Mavis can also be quite carefree and reckless, and this side of her is shown when she allowed Jellal Fernandes to participate in the Grand Magic Games as a part of Team Fairy Tail B, as long as it improved their chances of winning, despite the fact that if anyone found out about the ex-member of the Ten Wizard Saints and escaped convict, it could be disastrous to the guild. However, afterward, Mavis collapsed on the ground, unresponsive. Pale Blonde [42], Later, Mavis was taken to a specialist who told her that due to using the incomplete version of Law, Mavis would no longer be able to grow. They found peace at last in each other's arms. Unwavering Faith and Resilient Bonds will bring even miracles to your side. He wears high-collared red (black in the anime) and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. [52][53], Seven years after the attack of Acnologia, Mavis, standing on the surface of the ocean near the location where the aforementioned event took place, encounters the remaining members of her guild looking for their missing comrades. [76] Mavis celebrates Team Fairy Tail's first victory against Team Sabertooth and is thrilled to see Fairy Tail in the lead with forty-five points. [173], Telepathy (念話(テレパシー) Terepashī): Mavis has been shown to communicate with people in her nearby perimeter through this Magic. When she used Fairy Law to defeat Blue Skull, she too angered Ankhselam and was cursed. He was born while Mavis was still in the Lacrima known as Fairy Heart. Another noteworthy element of her innocent and gentle nature is that she entertains a belief that fairies may exist, after her parents mentioned their existence in a fairy tale back when they were still around. Despite being hesitant, the men eventually agreed, and that night prepared to leave; Yuri helped Mavis pack her belongings and is introduced to Zera. Japanese [69] Once she is alone with Laxus, though, Mavis tells him about Yuri as his great-grandfather. She was raised by Makarov her whole life and was born a F Uploaded by Mei12Misaki. [71], Later, she watches as the new team Fairy Tail appears and says that it's time to show the strength of their bonds. [150] Mavis then proceeds to continue handing out commands as her guildmates fight around her. Acknowledging that they were both close to one another seven years ago, Mavis asks if Zeref is still looking for a place to die, to which he states that it has been decided. Mavis then watches Lucy and Natsu unsuccessfully stand again Jacob, and then bears shameful witness to Jacob render Lucy's Leo Star Dress invisible, thus exposing her undergarments. It is a combination of traumatic events she endured at a young age and her own preferences that caused her to develop the habit. any page is welcome we do s4s [110], Mavis reveals the truth behind Fairy Heart, Mavis returns to the Fairy Tail Guild when Marakov tries to tell his Mages about Fairy Heart. [164] It's stated it takes 10 years to completely master this Magic and can cause repercussions on the user when done incompletely.[165]. In this state, she starts exhibiting the concentric red eyes that Zeref has under the curse, and spends over a year in seclusion, far removed from anywhere she could possibly destroy innocent lives. Even though the trickery doesn't last long, it buys Mavis some time to escape the building. When Zeref returned to the Alvarez Empire, he changed his wardr… The men seemed hesitant to go out of their way to find a Mage Guild, though Mavis declared that she will help them and demanded they take her with them to the mainland. 18-oct-2019 - Explora el tablero de Mixy Meléndez "Zeref y mavis" en Pinterest. Apr 4, 2018 - Explore Brittni Bayers's board "Mavis Vermillion and Zeref", followed by 102 people on Pinterest. However, after Mashima found out that Mavis is a female name, he immediately redesigned Mavis to be a girl. He was arguably the strongest wizard in the Spriggan 12, who were 12 guards for Emperor Spriggan (Zeref Fairy GlitterFairy SphereFairy LawIllusion MagicBlack ArtsBlack Magic (Law)Ankhseram Black MagicThought ProjectionTelepathy Mavis ultimately accepted the fact that Zera wasn't real, which allowed Yuri to see her; Zera entrusted Yuri with the job of looking after Mavis before disappearing completely. Birthday Anime Debut This was due to her parents' untimely death; she was forced to pay back her parents' debts to the guild and contribute to the guild that sustained her. Despite their initial reluctance, they agree and leave Sylph Labyrinth to help found the guild. 25-11-2020 - Khám phá bảng của Lolicon"Zeref & Mavis" trên Pinterest. メイビス・ヴァーミリオン Mavis and Zeref are on opposite sides of the final battle for Fiore, with Zeref's Alvarez Empire army laying siege to Magnolia and Mavis desperately trying to marshal a defense with all of Fairy Tail's might. At first, it seems like Mavis Vermillion and Zeref Dragneel are polar opposites, but in Fairy Tail, everyone has a friend who understands them, including these two tragic figures. First Guild Master She wears wing-like adornments around her ears and small hoop earrings. As Makarov apologies profusely, Mavis notices herself that Jellal is not evil and even has the same "heart" as everyone else in the guild. As a consequence of using an incomplete version of a grand Magic when she was thirteen to save Yuri Dreyar, her body was no longer able to grow or mature from that point onwards. After the battle concludes, the other soldiers looked in in disbelief as Fairy Tail defeated the countless enemy numbers by themselves. He also wears a pendant, where he keeps a childhood picture of Natsu and himself. [12] By the time Precht encased her body in a Lacrima, though, Mavis was chronologically twenty-four. Still, even though she is different she had joined the Ninja Academy, not being able to perform [59], As the battle between the disguised Jellal Fernandes and Jura Neekis of Lamia Scale is about to commence, Mavis looks on perturbed. [147] Not long after, tries to figure out the workings of the enemy's Magic as it works its way across the battlefield, Mavis tries to figure out why it affects some and not others, but ultimately succumbs to its effects as well. At first, it seems like Mavis Vermillion and Zeref Dragneel are polar opposites, but in Fairy Tail, everyone has a friend who understands them, including these two tragic figures.. Mavis and Zeref are on opposite sides of the final battle for Fiore, with Zeref's Alvarez Empire army laying siege to Magnolia and Mavis desperately trying to marshal a defense with all of Fairy Tail's might. My heart aces for them, :( May it change in time. Zeref simply smirked and stated he is everything the rumors made him out to be. Zeref Dragneel (155) Mavis Vermillion (150) Natsu Dragneel (114) Lucy Heartfilia (96) Gray Fullbuster (81) Erza Scarlet (75) Gajeel Redfox (64) Juvia Lockser (59) Wendy Marvell (53) Levy McGarden (52) Include Relationships Zeref Dragneel/Mavis Vermillion (185) Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia (85) Jellal Fernandes/Erza Scarlet (66) Follow. After telling the story and reminding the guild about the power of unwavering faith and resilient bonds, Mavis disappears, happy that her guild became a happy one. [97] Mavis then silently watches as the Grand Magic Games proceeds,[98] and is shocked to see Jura easily defeating Orga. [49], Afterwards, Mavis' body was taken to Precht by Zeref. Mavis struck up more conversation then by saying Yuri was to be a father soon. [72], Mavis watches the fight of Dragon Slayers with surprise, During the starting battle of the fourth day, Mavis, along the rest of the guild members, is shocked as it is revealed that the rabbit from Blue Pegasus is Nichiya. Mavis Vermilion (メイビス・ヴァーミリオン, Meibisu Vāmirion) fue la fundadora y Primera Maestra de Fairy Tail.Su tumba se encuentra en la Isla Tenrou aunque su verdadero cuerpo se ubicaba en el sótano del gremio, dentro del Fairy Heart.. During her childhood, she was abused by Red Lizard Guild Master Zeeself, who made her give back the one pair of shoes he bought for her after he decided she doesn't deserve them, then threw them away when his daughter refused them, forcing Mavis to go without footwear. [119] Much to her horror, Mavis learns from Warren that from the other three cardinal directions, the other nine Spriggan 12 members are on their way with forces that, combined, total over one million, leaving her unable to predict any way in which they come out of this war alive. [23] When Zera notices this and scolds her, Mavis cheerfully replied she feels better barefoot. Larcade Dragneel is a major antagonist from the manga/anime series Fairy Tail.He is a member of the Spriggan 12 and is said to be the third strongest member, behind Irene Belserion and August.Originally believed to be the son of Zeref Dragneel and Mavis Vermilion, he is actually one of the many Etherious created by Zeref. [148][6], A bit later, due to Irene's death, Universe One is undone, and as the light envelops the land and Fiore is returned to normal, Mavis instructs all close to her to grab the hand of the person nearest to them to prevent separation. She assures them not to worry, stating that only those with the Fairy Tail crest can see her. Unwavering Faith and Resilient Bonds will bring even miracles to your side. [58] During the battle between Lucy Heartfilia and Flare Corona, she quickly figures out the reason that Urano Metria failed was due to outside assistance. 17-mar-2016 - Explora el tablero "Mavis vermilion and Zeref dragneel" de Alex Gomez, que 741 personas siguen en Pinterest. At night, when all the girls get drunk, Mavis is seen watching the group from the ceiling having herself a bottle of liquor as well. Natsu clenched his fist and ran to Zeref in attempt to give him a punch. Name: Mavis VermillionOrigin: Fairy TailAlias: First Master, Master Mavis, Fairy TacticianClassification: Human, Guild MasterGender: FemaleAge: 118 (Physically 13-14)Affiliation: Fairy TailStatus: Dead, however Fairy Tail members can see her.Voice Actor: In Hiro Mashima's unofficial "ranking of characters that defied his popularity expectations" Mavis came in 1st place. Folge, jedoch war vorerst nur ihre Stimme zu hören. Jacob, amused, tells Mavis that their conditions have changed, and that if she doesn't give Fairy Heart to him, then he is going to mutilate Lucy, but as she watches Jacob throw knives at Lucy, Natsu, now fully healed from his battle with Zeref, saves her, much to Mavis' joy. [79] Upon Makarov exasperatedly wondering why the team isn't moving, Mavis explains that over the last several days, she has been observing their opponents and formulating a strategy, which she passed on to the Mages so as to achieve victory. As Makarov seeks to allay what he assumed was worry over whether or not Jellal could defeat Jura, Mavis declares that she needs to use the restroom, which shocks everyone as she is a spirit. [182] She possesses the following spells: Fairy Tail Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. She is then hit by Jacob, who reveals that his Magic not only grants him total camouflage, but the ability to see the unseen, such as her. Despite shaking her, Zera lied immobile with Mavis crying desperately over her. Age Mavis wandered alone for a year as an immortal death dealer, just like Zeref, but they eventually came face to face once again. Yuri DreyarWarrod SequenPrecht GaebolgZera [130], Mavis then jovially watches as Natsu engages Jacob in battle, but after the Spriggan repeatedly disappears from sight and attacks Natsu, Mavis deduces that it's due to his Magic: Stealth. She even left Tenrou Island just to cheer on Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games, solely because she was bored on the island. I have a passion for creative fiction and I've studied and practiced my craft for over ten years. She doesn't want her life back the way Zeref does, and instead, represents self-sacrifice. Back at the guild, the members celebrated but Mavis sulked, telling Yuri she wonders how many lives were lost that day and wondering how much longer the war would last as she wanted to go on an adventure. Remaining confident in the fact that Alvarez has miscalculated the number of units to send for the ambush, Mavis commands Warren to initiate Plan D, where Mavis believes in Bisca to pull through. JoJo: Did Yoshikage Kira Have a Requiem Stand All Along? As such, being a mere illusion of Mavis' subconscious, Zera starts disappearing before her eyes. English Voice 1 Relaciones 1.1 Mavis Vermilion 1.2 Natsu Dragneel 1.3 Imperio Alvarez 2 Batallas 3 Citas Articulo Principal Mavis Vermilion Zeref y Mavis poseen actualmente una rivalidad pero en el pasado, ellos dos estaban enamorados el uno del otro, tanto que el mismo Zeref lloró de tristeza al no poder quedarse con Mavis después del incidente que la dejó en un estado de coma. [65], Mavis displeased with Raven Tail's actions, After Laxus fights and defeats the entire Team Raven Tail, when the fight was supposed to be with him and "Alexei," Mavis looks on ominously as a spectator. 2 personas están hablando de esto. Green Zera hid as a man walks into the room, screaming in shock when he saw Mavis standing nearby as he thought the island was deserted. Recent Top. [120] Later, noticing that Erza is still having trouble with Ajeel, Mavis tries to contact Bisca to see how long until Jupiter recharges, but Warren, in a state of total disarray, does not patch her through despite her protests. While she ran back to the guild, crying that she does know the value of life, Yuri's son was born. "Unwavering faith and resilient bonds will bring even miracles to your side. Browse endless inspiration and create mood boards to share Female After being called out on her illusion, she revealed that they had isolated him away from the city. However, the moment of happiness is short lived as Mavis notices something around the city of Crocus. Debuts During the gathering, she takes particular note of August, Larcade and Irene's Magic Powers, and listens in shock as Zeref reveals that Irene is an enchantress skilled enough to rip Fairy Heart from her body. VI. Zeref & Mavis Vermillion from the story Fairy Tail Love Stories by RushiHeartfilia (Denyyy) with 11,827 reads. [95] Later, during Gajeel's battle against Rogue, Mavis watches the battle with interest as she notes Rogue to have been possessed by an evil Magic, one which she does not recognize. The two are alike in their plights as immortals, bearing the dreadful curse of Ankhselam and their love of family. 2500x2073 FAIRY TAIL Mavis Vermillion Zeref Dragneel Nature Outdoors wallpaper ... Download. Mavis is one of my all time favorites. Mavis then watched as the Tenrou Jade engulfed Yuri in light, after which the skeletal blue Dragon above them came to life and started ravaging Magnolia. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Fictional Character Mavis Vermilion (メイビス・ヴァーミリオン Meibisu Vāmirion) was the first Guild Master and founder of the Fairy Tail Guild. Upon learning that this person is another of the Spriggan 12, Mavis orders for members to intercept him. Eye Color She was surprised like nearly everyone else when Erza Scarlet challenged all 100 monsters during Pandemonium, but was later happily cheering when Erza won the event. Recalling a past conversation in which Gray himself volunteered to go after Rufus, Mavis notes that emotions should help him in battle and asks him to show their power. Mavis was once given the epithet Fairy Tactician, as she led her team to many victories thanks to her exceptional skill in making strategies during battles. Shocked, Mavis and Yuri both confirmed the claim with their own eyes, with Mavis telling the men that she believed Blue Skull took the relic seven years ago during their raid. However, Laxus arrives and comforts her, saying that she needs to be strong and lead them for not just their sake, but Makarov's sake as well. Meibisu Vāmirion [94] Some time later, Mavis shows excitement after witnessing Erza's miraculous comeback from a seemingly one sided fight. Mavis Mirai Vermillion-Dragneel has always been missplaced ever since her dragon disappeared, and stumbled into the Leaf Village. Game Debut 1,153 likes. He sensed Magic Power still emanating from her heart, so, in his despair to save her, he trapped her in a giant Lacrima in the guild basement, performing various regenerative experiments on her before figuring out that she was under Ankhseram's curse. She then looked at him and told him he has very kind eyes, causing Zeref to say she has such innocence. The man, Zeref, quickly dressed himself and prepared to leave, not wanting to cause her harm due to dangerous Magic. Browse endless inspiration and create mood boards to share with friends or save for later. Xem thêm ý tưởng về fairy tail, anime, fairy tail anime. As Zera reaffirmed she was Mavis's dear friend, the skeleton threw her into the air. Episode 112 (voice)Episode 122 (actual) Zeref angered the gods, and as punishment received the Contradictory Curse, which emits a deadly aura that kills all he touches. [159], Fairy Sphere (妖精の球(フェアリースフィア) Fearī Sufia): Mavis used this Magic by converting the Fairy Tail members' bonds and faith into Magic Power. After Sting caves in and surrenders to Fairy Tail, Mavis, along with the rest of her guild, cheer in delight as they claim the title of the strongest guild. Mavis told Yuri that the item is a relic of her people and that she will not tell him where it is or let him have it. Confident in his upcoming victory, Yuri set up a Judgement Field and began the game. This caused the effects of the curse to reach to grow far more potent in light of this love, able to take away even the immortal life it granted. Crying heavily, she finally responds by hugging him, and promising that they will stay together. She lured Yuri to her by casting an illusion of gold coins showering down over Magnolia, which caused a hint of Yuri's avaricious nature to emerge and go after the coins despite being under control of the Tenrou Jade. [28], In the year X679, Mavis awoke to find that her guild, Red Lizard, was under attack by another: Blue Skull. She then thinks to herself about her plan to defeat Zeref and how she needed her body, and then begins to think about the rather difficult second stage, but is frozen solid by Invel; at Zeref's request, she is unfrozen, but is affixed with a collar that renders her unable to form a cognitive thought. Despite it all, Mavis loved him, and they embraced. Mavis and Zeref, the sadness of their fate is almost too much to take. [138], Mavis and Zeref then converse, with Mavis telling Zeref that it has been ninety-five years, not one hundred, since they last were able to talk, and listens in silence when he says that he was still able to feel her presence when she was a spirit. Later on, Mavis can be seen watching over the members playing in the beach while treating herself to a glass of tropical punch. Initially, Makarov questions if it is a new enemy to which Mavis corrects him, believing it to be a single long range attack. [38] Upon encountering Geoffrey within the blazed city, Mavis attempted to strike fear into him by threatening to take revenge over the Tenrou Island massacre. Zeref Dragneel/Mavis Vermillion Zeref Dragneel Reborn (Katekyou Hitman Reborn!) [92] When Minerva later begins to use her Magic to its full extent, Mavis recognizes it and can only stare open-mouthed at the spells she casts. Ultimately after a long time of being encased in Lacrima, Mavis' real body is freed with painstaking efforts of Cana and her usage of Fairy Glitter. [16] Another sign of her reckless nature is shown when she lent Fairy Glitter to Cana Alberona just to win the MPF event. [14], Fairy Law (妖精の法律(フェアリーロウ) Fearī Rō): The first of the Three Great Magics of Fairy Tail. The problem lies with their first meeting, where Zeref is initially standoffish to them due to his curse, yet, then decides to teach Mavis magic after being asked. [81] Mavis continues explaining the moves the members of Team Fairy Tail will make to confront their opponents. Cana clearly objects for such an act, but Mavis makes it clear that they have no choice, as it could be the only way to defeat their enemy. She uses the power of the faith and bonds between them to cast the ultimate defense spell, Fairy Sphere, to save them from when Acnologia tried to use its roar to destroy the island and everyone on it. 25-11-2020 - Khám phá bảng của Lolicon"Zeref & Mavis" trên Pinterest. [48], Zeref discussed his plans to create an empire and start a war with Mavis, but as he spoke on, Mavis noticed that his words began to contradict his motives, and some of the things he thought were distortions of his thoughts brought about by the curse, watching Zeref wrestle between a desire to see his brother and live on, and the curse then making him desire to destroy his brother and himself. Fairy Tail ch 253 Mavis Vermillion by Takyya on DeviantArt fairy tail 253 / 09 lineart and painting by : fairy tail(C) Hiro Mashima Fairy Tail ch 253 Mavis Vermillion Laxus Dreyar Zeref Fairytail Nalu Raven Tail Best Anime Shows Double Picture Fairy Tail Characters Great Works Of Art Mavis Vermillion ist die ehemalige Gildenmeisterin von Fairy Tail und zugleich Gründerin der legendären Gilde.Mavis erschien das erste Mal in der 112. Characteristics She goes on to dispatch two teams to assist with the defense against the invaders: deploying a teams to assist Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus in the north, and Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale in the south, whilst ordering Lucy and Cana to keep watch over the imprisoned Brandish, and for the rest of the guild to remain on standby. [18] She seems to be indifferent to certain things. [141], Once Invel is defeated, Mavis uses that to her advantage, creating an illusion of Zeref to ask Irene to release Mavis just briefly in order to have a last talk with her. But otherwise, they went in opposite directions with their eternal lives. Soon, the combined powers of Natsu, Gray and Lyon Vastia end up destroying the water park, and once again Fairy Tail ends up in debt, which causes Mavis and Makarov to burst into tears.[181].

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