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It's a simple four-step process: 1. 41 products found, currently showing products 1 - 30 This transfer bench features space for shower curtain placement, adjustable seat height, and a textured, non-slip surface on both the seat and back. Blown plastic molding is lightweight but sturdy. A. Refunds will only occur if the product does not fit your vehicle, or is defective upon receipt. See more ideas about bathroom safety, bath bench, shower chair. Not Bad Good Helpful Interesting Superb. 330-pound weight capacity. Terms of Sale and Use What's the difference between a transfer bench and a shower chair? A shower chair sits entirely within the shower or tub, providing a place to sit once you’re inside. Shower safety and accessible baths are important - a shower seat and transfer bench make bathing easier for seniors; safety handles help too. Add to cart. The Slide 'n Ride is a car mobility device designed to use with passengers up to 500 pounds. Some transfer benches have removable sections (perineal), so they can be positioned over a toilet or accept a commode. Put the belt through the other 2 loops to lock it. Please contact us if you need more clarification. Shower Transfer Bench Home Depot. Nylon seat strap for additional security. Supports up to 350 lb. Easy to assemble, no tools required. The seat can be locked at either end so it's fixed into position when the user is getting on or off and when bathing. The SHORT legs that are placed inside the vehicle past the door sill rest on the vehicle floor. The reinforced A-frame construction delivers strength and solidity across the entire span of the Bath Transfer Bench for a trouble-free transfer across the threshold of your tub. Removable chair back. Find Transfer Benches coupons, promotions and product reviews on Walgreens.com. The transfer bench does not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms. assist caregivers, by reducing body aches & strains from caregiving tasks. We appreciate the emphasis on safety during use. Seat depth is shallow. Others might be elongated to reach from toilet to tub. Only 1 left. A. Cushioned Bath Transfer Bench. £2.26 postage. BestReviews wants to be better. *These antimicrobial properties are built-in to protect the transfer bench. Check it on Amazon. Over-tub shower chairs fit easily in and over a tub, whereas some freestanding models are too wide. If your passenger seat is taller than 28" it is not advisable to use our seat due to the height restrictions. A lap belt adds extra security. Yes, the Slide 'n Ride Vehicle Transfer Seat has been registered with the FDA as a Class I Medical Device. Unless there is a strong reason not to have them, we suggest you look for a bench with armrests. 18 posts related to Image Tub Transfer Bench. Adjustability in the bench legs is important for two reasons. Repeat with three remaining legs. Drive Medical. Capacity is 300 pounds, and the safety belt is a nice feature on such a competitively priced model. They are adjustable from 7.5 inches in the shortest position to 9 inches when fully extended. Becky, I am writing your company to convey my immense pleasure and gratitude for your Slide n Ride vehicle assist seat for my wife. At the budget end of the market, we would expect the aluminum models to be more durable. 250-pound weight capacity. Side arm provides additional stability. Instructions difficult to follow. Average Rating: (4.3) out of 5 stars 69 ratings, based on 69 reviews. Having someone lend a hand is probably a good idea. Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest, Sliding Bathtub Seat with Adjustable Bench Height. £57.95 postage. The gait belt helps you provide support and helps prevent a fall. Lift one leg over the side of the tub, followed by the other. Drive Medical. The Slide 'n Ride has been designed for use in a car or smaller height SUV. customerservice@slide-n-ride.com, Shipping & Returns / You save $128.55! 400-pound weight capacity for bariatric use. Instructions are challenging. Most are light enough to be moved around by an able-bodied person if that's necessary. *** The XL model has a longer set of interior legs that extend at 10", 11", and 12". Plastic Tub Transfer Bench with Adjustable Backrest. This can make it easier for users to transfer in and out of the tub with or without assistance. *Please note that there may be a slight delay for orders shipping to states with Shelter-In-Place policies in effect. Slide them into the car! The belt is also used to help hold someone up while he/she walks, if he is too weak to walk on his own. Genuine Small Sized Teak Wood Oversized Shower Bench without Shelf and Packaging. Shift as far back on the bench as possible while both legs are still out of the tub. Drainage: It's vital that water doesn't pool beneath the user, which can cause great discomfort and irritation. Health Details: Eagle Health Supplies, "maker of the original swivel sliding transfer bench," is an innovator in bath safety for over 20 years.Our patented multi-functioning benches: provide a sense of comfort, safety, dignity and independence. If your budget is small, the Carex Universal Tub Transfer Bench is a basic but perfectly functional solution. All metal components of the Slide 'n Ride are made from rustproof stainless steel, the leg caps are rubber and the seat top is made from molded nylon. A few models fold so they're easier to store when not in use, though there aren't many. At least several inches is usually provided, but if the user is particularly short or tall, it's a good idea to check. *We are open and here for you, shipping directly from our warehouse in Stow, OH. We've also put together the following transfer bench buyer's guide, which looks at the important features you need to consider and answers some common questions. IRS Section 502, Medical & Dental expenses, Nursing services, Long-Term Care, Chronically ill individuals. After bathing, users slide back and can then grip a grab bar mounted on the side when getting to their feet. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. Shower Transfer Bench Cvs. At the upper end of that price range you get padded armrests and backrests, padded seats that swivel as well as slide, and frames that are adjustable for width as well as height. While we’re not working on the front lines, we are here to offer optimism, hope, and most of all, connection. The LONG legs rest on the ground outside the vehicle and are adjustable from 18.5 inches to 26.5 inches when fully extended. Do not use your back muscles. Shower Transfer Bench Walgreens. It's got good adjustability, there are no metal parts (so rust won't be a problem), and it can hold up to 400 pounds. If you have further questions please contact us. NOTE: No refunds will be processed until the item has been received by the company. 7. We at BestReveiws have been looking at both the practical and safety aspects of transfer benches from all the top manufacturers and have made recommendations that will suit a variety of users. 350-pound weight capacity. For complete safety in the shower or tub, add a nonslip bath mat so footing is secure when the individual is not in the seated position. FB Comments; Recent Posts. Shower Seat Cushion Transfer Bench for Shower Chair Cushion Bath Tub Bathtub. Supply Categories. Total weight capacity might be overstated. If you measure from the left side of the door frame to the inside edge of the door and have at least 25" then you should have adequate clearance space. It gets the passenger seated before they get in the vehicle. For those with concerns about leg support and stability, this is definitely one to consider. It really is that easy! 18 posts related to Shower Transfer Bench Reviews. With a stationary bench, the user slides from one side of the bench to the other with or without assistance from a caregiver. It's a compact, stylish unit, with a 400-pound capacity, and in our opinion is best suited for those recovering from injury rather than those with general infirmity. Random Post of Image Tub Transfer Bench. Say for instance I am working with a patient who has had a recent fall or had a hip replacement etc, and I am trying to maximize their safety and ease of getting into and out of a tub shower combo.If you think I am going to recommend a shower chair to someone who has a tub shower combo–you are wrong.I likely will facilitate practicing the task of transferring into and out of the tub…

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