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In winter, people trek to Dayara Bugyal to experience snow. If we take out the monsoons, we get 4 distinct seasons to experience Dayara Bugyal – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each season is different and lovely in its own way. Established in 1932, IMA is a famous officer training academy of the Indian Army based in … Kharif: The Kharif refers to the autumn cropping season. It is home to a variety of endangered plants like kutki (Picrorhiza kurrao) and spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) utilized in traditional medicine. Although during the rainy season the trekking becomes difficult due to road conditions. Bedni Bugyal is a charming green meadow adorned with flowers in a spell binding varieties, in full bloom. Bagji Bugyal is a beautiful Meadow, situated at an elevation of 3,250 metres in the Chamoli District of Uttrakhand. Question What is the dry forested aeea of Kumaon and Garhwal called? Day 5: Bedni Bugyal to Wan (2436 metres/8000 feet) We will head towards Wan after having breakfast in the morning. As rightly said by someone. Lets go somewhere new today! The landscape again changes colour when draped in the white snow. Grade: Easy Physicality: 5/10 Trail Length: 25 Km Highest Point: Dayara Bugyal ~ 3350m/11000ft; Bakriya top ~ 3660 m/12005 ft Dayara Bugyal Trek 20-25 Oct, 2020 | 2021: 02-07 Apr | 29 May - 03 Jun | 11-16 Sep INR 44,650 + 5% GST An Adventure for Everyone - The Young or the Old and the New or the Experienced Book your trip! Options are as following a)Bugyal b)Bhabar c)Desert forest d)Arid zone. Dayara Bugyal is known for being one of the all-season treks in Barsu near Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. Dayara Bugyal Trek difficulty level is easy to moderate and most the first time trekker choose to go on this trek. Indian Military Academy or IMA is the pride of India, as it is responsible for shaping young boys into Army officers. Lets go on a vacation! Dayara Bugyal Height is around 3400m and it will take almost 6 days to complete the whole Dayara Bugyal Trek. Lying on the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, the lush green meadows at Chaisheel valley in the Uttarkashi district offers uninterrupted views of the majestic Himalayan peaks of Bandarpoonch, … Lets go on an adventure! Lets Go. Prerequisite: No prior trekking experience is required.Good physical fitness is always desired in any trek. We will trek from Bedni Bugyal to Wan, which is about 3 to 4 hour walk. The local villagers talk about a time, 60-70 years ago, when tigers (Bagh in the local language) used to freely roam along the meadows. Duration: 4 days of trekking; Walking from Raithal to Dayara Bugyal, summit to Bakriya top and descent to Barsu. Perched at a height of 3,600 meters, Chaainsheel Bugyal is a hidden destination in Uttarakhand that has eluded trekkers for a long time. Your answer Dayara top situated at an altitude of around 3925m give a breathtaking view of snow-capped mountain peaks. Bugyal: The meadows in mountain regions are known as Bugyal. Dayara Bugyal Uttarakhand. Situated nearby is a small temple where the devotees pay there obeisance, during their halt at Bedni Bugyal A perennial tourist attraction at 11,000 feet, the Dayara Bugyal is a meadow spread over 28 sq km. 5 days from Dehradun to Dehradun. Wan is the biggest village situated in Chamoli District and is located at a height of about 2436 mtrs. Chaainsheel Bugyal - A Walk in the Clouds. Important Terms Relevant for NCERT Solutions for Class 9 History Chapter 5 – Pastoralists in the Modern World: Bhabar: Bhabar refers dry forest area found at the foothills of Garhwal and Kumaon region. During winters Dayara Bugyal Temperature falls down below zero degrees. • Dayara Bugyal trek in Winter. There is a small lake situated in the midst of the meadow, where Tarpans are offered by the devotees.

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