arcgis pro sdk set definition query

"fields" : [ // fields will include route_id and measure when segmenting by single measures { In the Feature Layers list, check the check boxes next to the feature … "z": 0 { "name" : "OBJECTID", "type" : "esriFieldTypeOID", "alias" : "OBJECT ID" }, A DefinitionExpression can be set on a layer in order to limit layer features available for display or query. https://sampleserver/arcgis/rest/services/MyLRS/MapServer/exts/LRServer/networkLayers/0/queryAttributeSet?f=json&locations=[{"routeId":"I90","fromMeasure":25.1,"toMeasure":26.8},{"routeId":"I90","fromMeasure":72.6,"toMeasure":80.5]&attributeSet=[{"layerId":1,"fields":["aadt"]}]&outSR=102100. To ensure maximum robustness, callers should explicitly dispose of the returned ArcGIS.Core.Data.Selection in either a using statement or a finally block. { "name" : "OBJECTID", "type" : "esriFieldTypeOID", "alias" : "OBJECT ID" }, Queries from database services, for example, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, are also not supported. Share. ArcGIS Runtime SDK applications can query a service to get a set of features to display in the map. { "name" : "from_measure", "type" : "esriFieldTypeDouble", "alias" : "From Measure" }, } "" : "", An expression set in the LayerDescription will override one set for the layer in the source map. "route_id" : "I90", Develop add-ins and solution configurations to create a custom Pro UI and user experience for your organization. "route_id_2": "Route ID" "features" : [ {"name" : "", "type" : "esriFieldTypeOID", "alias" : ""}, "spatialReference" : { "wkid" : 102100 }, used. https://sampleserver/arcgis/rest/services/MyLRS/MapServer/exts/LRServer/networkLayers/0/queryAttributeSet?f=json&locations=[{"routeId":"I90","measure":25}]&attributeSet=[{"layerId":1,"fields":["aadt"]}]&outSR=102100. // field name is renamed from OBJECTID to OBJECTID_1 because same name already exists. In this section, you will learn how to select and highlight a sub-set of a feature service’s data. "" : "", {"name" : "", "type" : "esriFieldTypeArray", "alias" : ""}, "" : "", "spatialReference" : { "wkid" : 102100 }, A page query is a dynamic SQL where the clause is based on the values of the designated page name field for the map series. {"name" : "line_id", "type" : "esriFieldTypeString", "alias" : "Line ID"}, // included when the network layer supports lines ... "geometryType" : "esriGeometryPolyline", Any thoughts? This is what works for one value: NOT "OGF_ID" = 214620160 I don't know how … Features are highlighted on the map and on the table view as a result of this method call.If there is a definition query set on the feature layer, the Select() method will automatically work on the subset of features in the feature layer that meet the definition criteria. "measure" : "Measure", {"name" : "", "type" : "esriFieldTypeOID", "alias" : ""}, URL for segmenting a linear event layer with single measures. // field name is renamed from route_id to route_id_1 because same name already exists. As I am working with the streams layer, I later set a definition query on the Shape_Length field to display only streams that are longer than 1000 meters (“Shape_Length” > 1000). All rights reserved. { "name" : "functional_class", "type" : "esriFieldTypeSmallInteger", "alias" : "Functional Class" }, "from_measure" : , "line_order" : "Line Order", // included when the network layer supports lines "y" : 5360361.60842177, "line_order" : "", "fieldAliases" : { // field aliases will include route_id and measure when segmenting by single measures "route_id" : "Route ID", Define a definition query set. "" : "", ... {"name" : "line_order", "type" : "esriFieldTypeInteger", "alias" : "Line Order"}, // included when the network layer supports lines ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information maintained by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri). ... ... "line_order" : "Line Order", // included when the network layer supports lines The Query task allows you to retrieve features from a single layer or table in an ArcGIS Server map service or a feature service. ], } ... The object ID field for each layer specified will always be included in the results. Query expressions in ArcGIS adhere to standard SQL expressions. Generated on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, Selects features based upon the specified attribute and/or spatial criteria and combination method. ; Under the item, click the More Options button and click Set View Definition. "geometry" : { { "name" : "functional_class", "type" : "esriFieldTypeSmallInteger", "alias" : "Functional Class" }, {"name" : "route_name", "type" : "esriFieldTypeString", "alias" : "Route Name"}, // included when the network layer has a route name field "route_id" : "", { "name" : "measure", "type" : "esriFieldTypeDouble", "alias" : "Measure" }, Query expressions can be used in ArcGIS to select a subset of features from a feature table. "displayFieldName" : "route_id", "spatialReference" : , "features" : [ "OBJECTID_1": "OBJECT ID", Versioned or Non-Versioned service? If this parameter is not specified, the query will apply to the current features. The geometry of each feature is also returned in the feature set. ... ... "hasZ : true, "attributes" : { Description: The time instant to use as a temporal view date when locating route features.

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