echo shadow 2 vs cortland competition

Echo Shadow X Euro Nymph Package Price: $599.95. Cortland competition nymph line level taper 0.022" This line provides very little mass to help load the rod for casting which takes some getting used to. In the longer lengths, its best use is for euronymphing in big rivers, where casting gestures are more ample and slow (prospecting in shadowy water, for example). These rods are specifically designed for European Style Nymph Fishing. Moonshine makes good rods for the price. 29 99. The Echo Shadow 2 Euro Nymph rod is one of our best selling rods. I love my Cortland but I like a faster action rod. Two VERY different answers.. Best on the market for price to performance ratio. I prefer the 10 foot rods over the 11 footers. Echo’s all-new Shadow X series replaces their previous Euro Nymphing rod series the Shadow II. I dream of Euro nymphing. In 10', the Echo Shadow II requires 24 cents to be folded over a third of its total length, so its ERN is 2.53, giving it an ideal line number 2. Kind of clunky and works better with a 6 weight line. trumps all my other nymph sticks. A slightly oldie but goodie. Hope this helps some! We have matched it with: Echo 2/3 Ion reel; Cortland Competition Nymph line; Ca Custom leader with sighter and tippet ring; Bag and Case. G. Loomis Asquith Fly Rods Price: $1,100.00. Cortland Nymph Series Fly Rods Price: $299.95. ECHO Shadow X: A Rod for Elite-level Competition Euro Nymph Anglers In order to create the Shadow X, ECHO worked with veteran Euro Nymph guru Pete Erickson, 2018 fly fishing world champion Norm Maktima, and expert Mariusz Wrobewski to create a rod that’s dialed-in … The opinion of Lionel Fournier, champion of France in 2018 and member of France's fly fishing team: "I really like this rod because it's a "real" 10' line 2, contrary to others announced as such but that are actually much more powerful. Its length is 10' in its original version, and an optional Competition Kit (priced at about 75 USD) allows you to lengthen it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. NB: The verified weight of the rod and the BRW do not take into account the counterweight. Euro Nymphing Rods, Lines, Leaders, Tippets, and Accessories. Pretty much all the factors that go into making a rod shine. Also, let me know if you have any questions about the fishing I do that might help to clarify your recommendations. I have the 11’3’’ 3wt and I think it might be the best rod I’ve ever fished relative to its intended purpose on a river. ... 29 99. The results are presented in the 3 tables below. I agree there are a lot of new tight line rods out there for less than 300.00 like the shadow II, syndicate, epiphany (by moonshine) that were not reviewed this year but should be next year and will be different. My Echo Shadow II 10′ 3 weight with the Competition Kit does have the ability to extend to 10 1/2′ or 11′ which I occasionally use. In the longer lengths, 10'6 and 11'2, the ERN and the AA remain identical. ), the BTW remains at 9.90oz whatever the chosen configuration. I have a TFO 10 foot 5 weight I bought used. Echo Shadow X. Edge Shadow II and Shadow X Orvis Recon 3100 Redington Hydrogen Cortland Competition and Competition MKII ... Steve (aka waycool) uses the Cortland Competition and Competition MKII 3 wt and loves that rod. Cortland Competition Nymph Rod. Light and fast, the Shadow II offers critical line feel and control with an action that will also toss a loop when the bugs start flying. The BTWs increase in these lengths, respectively to 10.9 and 13.4oz. It consists of: The Common Cents System protocol was first applied to the rod in its original 10' version. The fast action (AA of 73°) and the frequency at 74cpm attest to real opportunities in dry fly fishing. ... Echo, Redington, and the first generation Sage ESN. Which one will suit your needs? I use it for 10' euronymphing and for light dryfly fishing with a line 2, as well as with an additional extension (10'6): in this configuration, it is to my knowledge one of the only 10'6 line 2 on the market! 3 counterweights of 0.35oz each fixable to the butt, to add depending on the weight of your reel to achieve balance. In terms of rods for tight-line nymphing, the Thomas & Thomas Contact is hands down the best rod I've tried. It retails for $249.99 and the competition kit goes for $74.99. Easy Online shopping. The Echo Shadow II is a redesigned version of the original Shadow, and is one of our favorite European Nymphing rods! Messages 1,722 Reaction score 421. Tim has distinguished himself in the competition world through his unrivalled casting skills, and he began developing fly rods in 1980. To really maximize your rods performance for Euro Nymphing, consider purchasing a matching Cortland Competition Nymph line. Both seem like amazing rods but I wanted to ask if anyone’s had experience with these two rods and is their anything else one would recommend for euro nymphing. Finally, the possibility of fixing counterweights to the butt provides a balanced setup regardless of the weight of the reel chosen: it is the rod that adapts to the reel this time! I was looking at the sage esn hd 10’6” 3 wt or the Marryat Tactical Pro Nymph special 10’6” 3wt. Press J to jump to the feed. I have been looking at the new Echo Shadow X (I have a couple Echo rods and I'm a huge fan) and the Orvis Recon. One offering is from Cortland appropriately named the Competition Nymph Series that is offered in several models. 19 95. Models available: 10' 2wt., 10'0 3wt., 10'6 … My first nymph stick that is all around rock solid. Not OP, but I have a related question that I'd love to hear your thoughts on: I currently have the Syndicate 10' 2wt, which I really like for nymphing. Important note: so much of this, like with other rods, is feel. Back when I started in the 70s I had two rods, 5 and 7 weights, both Fenwick fiberglass models matched with Pflueger reels and Cortland lines. Nov 24, 2019 Next level up but incredible rods even at their higher price. Quick review of all 3 members of the Echo Shadow II family of rods. After fishing with it for a day I was able to make adjustments in my casting stroke and felt comfortable with it. "The Echo Shadow II rod was developed by Tim Rajeff and Pete Erickson, a member of the American national team of fly fishing. 459 95. The Cortland rod is one that I feel pretty good about but it just has something about it that holds me back from using it over the Shadow. A 9’6’’ – 2 weight, a 10’ – 3 weight, a 10’6’’ – 3 weight, a 10’ – 4 weight as well as a 10’6’’ – 4 weight. NB  : The verified length and weight of the rod take into account the fighting butt and the BRW take into account the fighting butt and 3 counterweights. And yes, this rod is light. Superior warranty service at the lowest cost, fast delivery, and wonderful rod actions are the hallmark of the ECHO Brand. Shu Fly 10 foot 4 weight was the go-to for a couple of years. Unlike many ultra-fast references of the market, these Cortland rods have relatively progressive actions which are a great advantage during the fights with all-sized fishes and especially large-sized ones. The Syndicate is a bit slower. The weight of the rod varying in the opposite direction (3.5oz with 1 counterweight, 3.84oz with 2, 4.2oz with 3...etc. The Echo Shadow II Euro Nymphing Fly Rod is the most popular rod at Red's due to its unbeatable price. Norman Maktima became a champion in fly fishing in the United States by using this rod.". Having a light rod that is well-balanced with your reel is an important thing to consider when picking up a rod of this type. I’m currently looking for a 10-11ft 3 weight rod that someone would recommend for a euro nymphing setup. O. osseous Well-known member. Cortland Indicator Mono. Thomas and Thomas Contact. Echo Shadow II - 2-weight Rod This is the most delicate rod in the series. Its success is impressive! Next level up but incredible rods even at their higher price. I did use a Sage ESN 2 10'6" 3wt and while it was better than the Syndicate it wasn't three times better as the price difference is. Having used these rods, do you think the upgrade would be worth it? Logically, the frequency decreases (it is conversely proportional to the length, that's actually the challenge with long rods, to manage to maintain a high reactivity and therefore a precise fishing action): the frequency goes to 72cpm in 10'6 then to 69cpm in 11'2. It's a nymph fishing rod that has a huge number of supporters around the world and many of them have also started using it for dry fly fishing! Czech nymphing and Euro nymphing are highly effective strategies for trout. With advancements in graphite and resins, most fly rods are pretty light in the hand. There are nicer rods out there, but you will pay far more. The Syndicate has been great for nymphing - sensitivity is incredible - but leaves a bit to be desired when throwing dries and even dry droppers (and, of course, the occasional streamer). Shadow X A rod for elite-level competition Euro Nymph anglers We worked with veteran Euro Nymph guru Pete Erickson, 2018 fly fishing world champion Norm Maktima, and expert Mariusz Wrobewski to create a rod that is dialed-in to perform at the sport’s highest levels. Orvis H3. I was bored with indicator fishing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I appreciate any insight you might have! A slightly oldie but goodie. Nymph Fishing: New Angles, Tactics, and Techniques. A short description from Echo on the Shadow II series: “Light and fast, the Shadow II offers critical line feel and control with an action that will also toss a loop when the bugs start flying.” At the Shadow II’s price point ($249.99), I think you will be very pleased with its feel and performance. Then, after adding in succession the 2 pieces of the Competition Kit, the measurements are taken at 10'6 and 11'2. This rod has a lifetime warranty, comes in a hard rod tube, and the rod costs $675. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we ship a large range, fast. To learn more about the Cortland Competition MKII Nymph Fly Rod, please click here. These are 4pc. NB: The verified weight of the rod and the BRW do not take into account the counterweight. Here's a list of some euro nymphing rod manufacturers with some links to some reviews: Good for tight-lining and little else, in my experience. The Thomas & Thomas Contact is an unbelievable stick. Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph Package ... Echo Shadow II Euro Nymph Rods Price: $289.00. And I should note, while I love my Cortland, my custom rod made by u/jfred17 (in your price point easily!!) Probably one of the better write-ups you'll find out there: Euro Nymphing requires precision and sensitivity to hit the target and feel not only fish biting, but also current seams, the bottom, and anything else that will dictate where to present your fly. I feel like Euro Nymphing brought me back to nymphing. An element with a ring allowing it to go from 10'6 to 11'2. Rio FIPS Euro Nymph Line. The Shadow II Euro Rod requires you to purchase the fighting butt and weights separately in the competition kit. The #2/3 power allow to cast a wide panel of nymph weights (beads size from 2 mm for the 10') with a predilection for the lightest models. ECHO fly rods are superior fly fishing rods designed by Timmie Rajeff, friend and confidant, and we fish all of the ECHO rods at one time or other throughout the season. In fact, I find it to a high degree considering its reasonable price: the finish is good, the additional elements and counterweights allow you to adapt to various fishing situations.". They offer the angler a light tip and touch to help connect them to their nymphs and obtain perfect drifts for catching trout in rivers and streams. Ask me any questions you may have about flex/speed/etc! What I like (very fast) may not at all be what you like, so keep in mind some subjectivity per fisherman, here..Also, my recommendation will always be for a 10 or 10'6" 3wt, New Orvis Clearwater (designed by George Daniel), w next level being Orvis Recon, New Echo Shadow II, w next level being new Echo Shadow X. Cortland Competition. The rods are sensitive and have plenty of butt section to handle larger fish. THE ROD: Echo Shadow II. Both would be awesome choices. So from my experience (both rods I've had in hand and rods teammates and insanely good (far beyond my skill level) nymph fishermen have fished), here's my breakdown. I mostly fish smaller wild trout streams in Western North Carolina, so it's mostly fish in the 8"-14" range with the occasional big brown. Best on the market or best recommendation for someone’s first nymph stick? In 10', the Echo Shadow II requires 24 cents to be folded over a third of its total length, so its ERN is 2.53, giving it an ideal line number 2. Ditch the bobber and try tight line nymph fishing. The #2 and #3 rods are ideally suited to Euro Nymphing, while the #4's crossover into both Euro & Indicator nymphing. Cortland Top Secret - Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet. (And I own the Echo Shadow which is a nice rod but not above these two). Sage ESN. ), the BTW remains at 10.9oz whatever the chosen configuration. Whether you fly fish a 2wt on small creeks for brook trout, a 14' 9wt for Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon, or Tarpon on a 12wt; your contributions and questions will be welcomed and appreciated! Here is the test of one of its flagship products: the Echo Shadow II 10' line 2. His range now consists of robust products, no frills, at a reasonable price. Sorry this was so long, but I got excited at the possibility of hearing the opinions of someone who has handled a lot more nymph rods than me or any of my fishing buddies. A ringless element allowing it to go from 10' to 10'6 without undoing the assembly. Even with the longer rods, weight is becoming less and less of a concern when it comes to the performance of the rod, though it’s still something I like to at least consider. In my area of the SE, the 2wt is the perfect rod, and I have landed so many fish on it, some to 24". Available with an optional Competition Kit ($74.99) that includes two 6” extensions, a removable fighting butt, and counterweight washers to fine-tune the rod’s balance. The long and light construction of the Shadow II allows you to reach out and over conflicting currents all day without getting worn out. Cortland Competition MKII Nymph Rods Price: $675.00. Trout & Co : The flyfishing online magazine - Copyright © 2021 - All rights reserved. Instead I take the Syndicate to nymph and end up fishing dries if I have an opportunity. New Echo Shadow II, w next level being new Echo Shadow X. Cortland Competition. Czech … Tested with the 10’6″ 4WT. The Echo Shadow II is a rod with a very sober look, where the black colour predominates (whether that be on the rings, the matte blank or the reel seat in anodised aluminium). Echo is a brand created by Tim Rajeff, a famous fishing guide and American fly fishing competitor, based in Vancouver, Washington. Hope this helps some! Syndicate P2 Pipeline. Echo Carbon XL. I usually think an 11 foot rod feels terrible. Echo offers the Shadow X in a variety of the popular weights and length combination which should cover just about every conceivable trout situation. Echo Shadow X Euro Nymph Rods Price: $459.00. Cortland Competition Nymph 10' 6'' 3wt. 34 95. ... Cortland Competition Braided Core Fly Line; Cortland Competition Mono Core Fly Line. Then, after adding in succession the 2 pieces of the Competition Kit, the measurements are taken at 10'6 and 11'2. A line number 2 seems best indicated, although the manufacturer advises a WF3. It will seduce those who are adept in using light and reactive products, at a reasonable price (about 250 USD). Customers love the Echo Shadow II rod and it has proven itself both effective and durable. Love my 2wt euro from them plus it comes an extra tip nice feature. Thomas & Thomas Contact. Echo Shadow 2 Rod Review Its amazing how specialized fly fishing has become in our current modern world. Obviously the T&T Contact is a top of the line rod, and the price reflects that. Best bang for you buck when it comes to sensitivity, length, casting, weight. This has been fine since my fishing is probably 75% nymphing, 20% dry/dry dropper, and 5% streamers, but when I am throwing dry flies I do find the Syndicate struggles a bit (this could also just be my squarely mediocre casting ability!). My first nymph stick that is all around rock solid. The weight of the rod varying in the opposite direction (3.7oz with 1 counterweight, 4oz with 2, 4.41oz with 3...etc. All that to say, I have been considering selling both rods and upgrading to a higher performance 10' 3wt rod to split the different between the rods and (hopefully) get one rod that can do both things well. Welcome to StreamX where buying flies, tying, or flyfishing tackle is quick, affordable and simple. Echo Shadow II Competition Kit. The Competition Kit allows you to adjust the length, Andrew Wading Boots Review : Creek and Fly, Fishing modern dry dropper methods (tandem flies), Review : Vision XO GRAPHENE 9'7 5wt, 10'3 and 11'4 3wt, Review : Thomas & Thomas Contact II 10' 2wt. I don’t much like the first generation Cortland competition (10.5 foot 3 weight). I used an Echo Shadow 2 3wt and did not like it. The efficiency and accuracy of the Contact for tight-line techniques is beyond amazing and I now (literally) have a collection of euro sticks that I don't use cause all I ever grab for EN is the Contact. While other affordable options are now on the market, such as the Echo Shadow II, Syndicate P2, and the Redington Hydrogen, Cortland really did start the fire, and despite a growing market, Cortland Competition Nymph rods have remained competitive. I also have a 8.5' 4wt that I love, but it has pretty much become a dry fly only rod, and since I rarely (if ever) go to the stream with the purpose of fishing dries, I rarely use this rod. For more advance anglers, take a good look at the Echo … The Cortland Competition MKII Nymph Fly Rod is available in four sizes: 10-foot 2 weight, 10.5-foot 3 weight, 11-foot 2 weight, and 11-foot 3 weight. With its ideal line number 2, this rod is quite versatile in 10' for light fly fishing (nymph and dry fly). rods. The Shadow X was used to win the 2018 National Fishing Championships and is designed for the competitive angler. This rod offers very comfortable 10' fishing, the total weight of the balanced set (BTW) is only 9.90oz : the balance is therefore better than that of most models of equivalent ranges, and even than that of certain ranges of a much higher price! A very good line for detecting a strike. Over the past few years, I've euro nymphed with about a dozen different euro sticks; both custom builds I've done or pre-built rods I've purchased. The results are presented in the 3 tables below. 169 99. The 2100 is a great small water stick. This is a subreddit for anglers who pursue, or wish to pursue, their favorite fish on fly rods. We have affordable options to get started Czech or Euro Nymphing- the Echo Carbon Xl Euro Nymphing Outfit is an excellent option to get you started. Modern Nymphing Elevated — Devin Olsen and Lance Egan DVD. This rod is packed with innovative features to reduce fatigue, encourage balance, and increase casting accuracy. Here's a recent review of the T&T Contact I wrote up: 795 00. It gives you the ability to fish 6X or even 7X tippets and therefore catch the wariest of trout. I couldn’t find exact specs on weight …

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