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XD Greece Hetalia. His given name Heracles is thought to have been inspired by the Greek demigod of the same name. Chapter 1 ~~~~~Greece's POV~~~~~ It was a perfect day in the country of Greece, it was windy yet warm afternoon. Fandom: Hetalia Pairing: Turkey/Greece Rating: NC-17 Summary: After all those years apart, Turkey still thought Greece was the most beautiful thing in existence. Chapter Seven: Turkey/Greece. See more ideas about hetalia, turkey, axis powers. Turkey loves the fact that he knows Greece would never eat anything sweet for anyone else, and as gay as it is, it makes him feel special. hetalia. • Pushed Greece out of a moving car for no reason at all. Ottoman Empire Turkey. It's unique to them as a couple, and though it might scratch and irritate him in the middle of getting passionate, Greece wouldn't change it for the world. Jul 18, 2020 - Explore Noelle Walker's board "Greece Hetalia" on Pinterest. Turkey seems to have a soft spot for Japan, and Japan, in turn, has mutual respect for him. Axis Powers Hetalia. Turkey is a stingy bastard and decides to make littleboy!Greece 'work' for his bread. Turkey first appears in Episode 55, where he fights with Greece over who gets to be with Japan. I read your fic and I think it's very good, I like the way it's developed, I think it's so erotic and I appreciate the variety of terms you used; I'm not English mother-tongue, so I find it…, This legit revived my interest in this pairing. Report. Greece bent at a slight angle, so his eyes were aligned with where would be Turkey's. Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia: Axis Powers. Not to mention,…. Turkey loves catching Greece in the shower. Title: No Title Author: hetalia_kink anon Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia Pairing: Turkey x Greece (human names used) Rating: NC-17 Warning: Dub-con Author's Summary: N/A My summary (taken from the request): When Turkey finally gets fed up with Greece's attitude and gets out the handcuffs. She's the one who created the olympics and the temples in her realm, and was so sucessful that it made persia jealous. And thank you also for pointing out that mistake. Apr 27, 2014 - Explore Donni Carriedo's board "Turkey" on Pinterest. See more ideas about hetalia, turkey, turkey hetalia. He occasionally wears a brown hat. Turkey loves how easy it is to be selfish around Greece. Greece hates how selfish Turkey is. Says his … He wouldnt mind if he were gentle, combing lightly and softly, in a way that Greece often… 29345464 Turkey loves that he still has that one piece of control over Greece, that one last reminder of a time when the little brat was his and only his. Thanks for your nice comments. hetaliaheadcanons, aph, 2p. Nothing could prevent Turkey from getting what he wanted. There are only so many times Greece can take being told he's worthless, and that Turkey doesn't know why he hasn't given up on him already. 29346120 And turkey decides to demonstrate to Egypt (and all and sundry, really) just how little that fact means to him. Comparatively, TRNC dislikes Greece's constant fights and struggles with Turkey, and aids Turkey in any conflicts with Greece. It is said that if you dig in his backyard, you'll find many ancient ruins and things belonging to his mother, Ancient Greece. One of the most frequent fights between them is about who Japan likes more, though as Japan proved they are very and easy to distract and entertain. Turkey's never called anybody else 'brat', only ever him, and that's something Greece has yet to work out if he should be flattered by or not. In 2007 and early 2008, Himaruya gave human names to some of the characters and he received the name Heracles Karpusi (ヘラクレス・カルプシ, Herakuresu Karupushi). In Episode 75 he makes an appearance when he attacks South Italy, when he was known as the Ottoman Empire. In a color chart for the characters by Himaruya, his eyes were shown to be teal. Greece has brown hair, green eyes, and olive skin. It was fun (It said sarcastically.) It's always best when it's unplanned, coming across the other brunette dripping and naked and back exposed as he reaches up to wash his hair. Share to Pinterest. And though behind the mask he might be doing just that, Turkey is forever grateful that with it, Greece will never know just how much he means to him. He loves naps and is often seen sleeping, but even though it seems there is nothing in his head, he has a love for philosophy and history. 2P!Turkey is a fan interpretation of the Hetalia webcomic/anime character of "Another Color". Sympathetic Egypt attempts to interfere with the reasoning that Greece is just a little boy. He has a difficult enough time with Turkey as it is, so when he wears the mask it's like trying to read a brick wall. One day, he knows he'll say something that will make Greece snap completely, and then he'll leave and Turkey will have deserved it all. Thank you for all the love, devotion and yogurt you give me (not to mention the dirty stuff). Hetalia Turkey. Greece felt Turkey pull his arm away from his. Though he would never say that he doesn't love Turkey's spontaneous decisions to jump him, he does sometimes wish he'd be more considerate. He can understand that Turkey likes to hide behind it, likes to feel safe that nobody can see the real him, but Greece hates not being able to read people. Greece screaming almost made me wet my pants. Photo of Turkey and Greece for fans of Hetalia Turkey fan club! He wouldn't mind if he were gentle, combing lightly and softly, in a way that Greece often thinks about when he sleeps. 75. 14.Nis.2020 - Pinterest'te Zeynep adlı kullanıcının "turkey x greece" panosunu inceleyin. Greece hates it when Turkey wears his mask. It's itchy and rough and sometimes makes Greece come out in a rash. It doesn't matter that Greece still is, in a way; he's grown up now, independent, and Turkey sometimes misses the little kid that relied on him for everything. He occasionally wears a brown hat. Then, of course, there's the added bonus that Greece tastes just as sweet afterwards, and if there's one thing Turkey loves above all else, it's the combination of sugar and a certain Greek. added by weneegee. Turkey also threatened France on April Fool's with "Don't you … Turkey loves the make up sex the most, because he's quite simply not good with words. reece hates arguing with Turkey. It adapts from the strips Turkey&! Nov 24, 2016 - Explore Balloon Girl's board "Greece and Turkey", followed by 135 people on Pinterest. But it's not just watching him that Turkey loves. aph. Greece… Germany had finally lost it, before screaming, sending the other nations present at the meeting in a flourish, but within seconds, Italy yelled 'Pasta! And Turkey fucking loves that fact. Greece hates it when Turkey joins him in the shower. He wouldnt mind if he were gentle, combing lightly and softly, in a way that Greece often… It seemed that on such a wonderful day nothing bad could possibly happen, that is until the populous caught sight of invading Turkish soldiers from the country of Bulgaria. Greece (Hetalia)/Turkey (Hetalia) Turkey (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Greece (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Romance; Suspense; Summary. But it's something unique to Turkey, something he only feels when they kiss, or when Turkey stands behind him and nuzzles his neck like he's prone to doing. By: InSaNeAngelsgottanAK47. 4 [MMDxAPH] England Triple Dog Dares America. And by the end of it, without fault, Greece is not only not alone in the shower, but he also has to get himself clean all over again, all the while enduring Turkey's lecherous stares, which are usually a sign that there'll be another round when they finally leave the shower. CAPTION. Thank you~ I'm glad you enjoyed it. kaydeden K H. Cyprus Mısır Yunanistan Çizimler Kasım Clothebrotato. A small, cute, funny story about Greece and Turkey 's more loving relationship. Share to Reddit. Turkey and Greece have matching birthmarks of a heart and an we in their lower backs. Hetalia Archives is a FANDOM Anime Community. england. On the top of his head, he has a double haircurl, a trait shared with Turkey, who instead has the curl on the side of his neck. The other brunette has a way of expressing himself when he's confused that makes it impossible for him to hide his emotions, and more than anything Turkey loves being able to see the blind love radiating off Greece's face in the hopes that Turkey's own face while shine the same love back at him. Saved by Marco Is An Adorable Puppy. Greece (Hetalia)/Turkey (Hetalia) Greece (Hetalia) Turkey (Hetalia) Summary. Browse through and read hetalia greece fanfiction stories and books He knows it bothers him, knows he hates it more than anything else in the world, but that's fine because Greece likes it when Turkey's annoyed. The two get along pretty well, due to their countries' good relationship (see Greece–Japan relations), and also share a love of cats. In artwork, he is shown to carry a giant cross, which represents Mount Athos. And Greece has never complained, no matter how many times Turkey has interrupted him on the way to an important meeting, or in the middle of doing some serious paperwork. Greece has brown hair, green eyes, and skin that is alternatively fair or olive depending on the artwork. For all that it looks raggedy, it's soft and light, and Turkey can never get enough of the way it feels between his fingers. Read Turkey and Greece from the story Bromance ( Hetalia ) by Preussenlied (Mikki) with 160 reads. And Greece hates that Turkey can still hurt him as easily as he does. Fandom: Hetalia Pairing: Turkey/Greece Rating: NC-17 Summary: 10 things Greece hates about Turkey, and 10 things Turkey loves about Greece. Hetalia. But then he thinks of the Greece of now, and decides that no, he likes things better as they are, with true, bratty Greece in the past, forever available as a tool to further help Turkey in his humiliation of his lover. He knows that Turkey doesn't mean it, he can see by the look on his face afterwards while he's fucking him, gently for a change, that he's apologetic, but it still hurts. It's a reminder of times long gone, a part of Greece's youth that he tries to forget, but it's an ingrained response that he detests nonetheless. funny. funny. Copy link to clipboard. He's not a small boy anymore, he doesn't need to constantly be put down. The characters of Hetalia: Axis Powers (often shortened to just Hetalia) are Japanese manga/anime personifications of various nations, countries and micronations.The personalities of each individual character are based upon stereotypes of the nations, countries and micronations depicted. Turkey stopped at Greece’s feet, obviously frustrated by the man’s ability to disappear without a trace. Greece felt goosebumps on his skin from the sudden contact but also realized a lack of warmth on his lap. Saved by Sarah Anton. He wears a brown jacket, with brown pants and a white t-shirt. Greece (ギリシャ,Girisha) is a character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. No, Greece knows that Turkey loves him so much that sometimes it hurts. Greece hates it when Turkey calls him 'brat'. -1- Greece hates the way Turkeys hands feel in his hair. But most of all, Turkey loves the way Greece moans when he tugs his hair just right, the way he shivers when Turkey's fingers tease the light hairs at the nape of his neck, and the way his eyes always flutter shut in anticipation when Turkey presses his palm against the back of his head, fingers clutching tightly to chestnut-coloured locks. Greece openly despises TRNC, even threatening to disown Cyprus unless he stops communicating with Turkey. He isofficially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He later shows up in Episode 14 at the supermarket, handing Spain his groceries and taking his time in doing so. Greece has brown hair, green eyes, and olive skin. Turkey and Greece. Aug 13, 2014 - Explore Julia Bielschmidt's board "Hetalia Turkey", followed by 369 people on Pinterest. Even so, they're still ready to fight over anything, and Turkey takes pleasure in whatever he's able to beat Greece at. Somebody grab the popcrn! And most importantly, he's not under Turkey's control anymore, so he hates the way that one small word can make him feel just like he used to when he was part of the Ottoman empire; pitiful, worthless, and worst of all, unique. It doesn't happen often because the other nation has an odd repulsion to sugar, something Turkey cannot comprehend, but that's what makes it all the more special. The latter had dropped onto the floor in pain seconds before. Greece hates the way Turkey's stubble feels against his face. View topic - Hetalia: Turkey and Greece. He represents the Country of the Republic Armenia. Greece’s heart shattered at this hostile gesture but was immediately glued back together as Turkey wrapped his arm around Greece’s form. He loves the way Greece looks when he's shoved up against the wet tiles; his face is always pulled up in a grimace of discomfort and annoyance, and Turkey likes being able to watch as it changes until Greece is panting, mouth hanging open, lips bruised and wanton, his eyes squeezed shut as Turkey thrusts into him. He likes the fact that Turkey obviously loves him enough to be bothered by it; he'd never bother if it was just a passing infatuation. Sadiq couldn't keep back a moan as Heracles took him into his mouth, swallowing him whole while he cupped his balls with the hand that wasn't clutching tightly at the older man's hip. But none of that matters at all when Greece is moaning beneath him like a whore. Greece longed for the turkish man’s love. He is often seen with cats, a reference to Greece's stray cat population. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But no; somehow, Turkey always manages to catch him in the middle of washing, interrupting him with that face of fake innocence that quite clearly says that the whole thing was planned. Moves. Fandom: Hetalia Pairing: Turkey/Greece Rating: NC-17 Summary: 10 things Greece hates about Turkey, and 10 things Turkey loves about Greece. It's such a delicious sight that Turkey often has to fight the temptation to touch himself when he catches Greece in this position, and more often than not, he gives in and ends up actually needing to interrupt the other's shower time. video . Turkey loves it when he finally manages to make Greece eat something sweet. The character was later outed as an early Greece in the special edition booklet that came with. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Not to mention, despite it not being harcore smut, it hits the kinks that thrive in that relationship. But it's happened numerous other times, so what is the secret that the Greek … He's a savoury man himself, so the thought of anything sugary in his mouth automatically sets his teeth on edge. It's all he can do to keep them together, until the day Greece smartens up and realises that he deserves way better than a bitter old man who constantly puts him down. Greece left Turkey alone, walking further into the Greek lands, the latter just stood there for a long time, his mouth wide open, trying to register what just happened. See more ideas about greece, hetalia, hetalia ships. <<<< Actually Greece and Turkey It's an odd feeling, being repulsed by the tooth-achingly sweet taste of Turkey's tongue in his mouth, but wanting more of it all the same because god, the other man's such a good kisser. Hetalia Fanfiction. Mrs_Bonnefoy and Edvygrl8 like this. El amor de Grecia está en el aire xd. 115. It's his private time, his time to relax and reflect and just unwind. Share to iMessage. He wears a brown jacket, with brown pants and a white t-shirt. It presents most of the conflicting, dysfunctional issues that run deep between these two with the right tone, which I always liked. Admittedly, the arguing itself is often stressful, because Turkey has a habit of saying things he doesn't mean, or letting things get too far out of hand, or both. The second 'he' was not meant to be there, so I'll go and edit it as soon as I can! And if Turkey gets himself a free show afterwards while he watches Greece clean himself, he isn't exactly going to complain. america. It is also implied that he frequently takes part in sexual activity; this is shown in a contribution Himaruya made to a Hetalia doujinshi anthology where England and France try to place the "blame" of the creation of the condom on him, seeing as he uses it very often. Share to Tumblr. Follow/Fav Greece and Turkey: bonding time. The two of them don't get along, and often fought with each other before finally deciding on a cease-fire. Greece Hetalia Hetalia Fanart Hetalia Characters Hetalia Axis Powers Hot Anime Guys Manga Anime Style First World Cute Art. 12.) Greece Hetalia. Saved by tomato potato. Greece Hetalia. The only thing that matters then is that Turkey is the only one able to make Greece moan and scream like that. 1 Personality 2 Appearance 3 Common 2P! And all of that just means that Greece has to take yet another shower once he's sure Turkey's good and gone. Sign up Log in. Greece hates how much sweet stuff Turkey eats. Haig Tooligian is a fan-made character for the series Axis Powers: Hetalia. In The Beautiful World, his skin is reverted to olive-toned like in the manga. Turkey/Greece (Hetalia) Turkey&Greece (Hetalia) Greece (Hetalia) Turkey (Hetalia) Sex; Smut; Historical; Ottoman Empire; Drug Use; Opium; Hookah; Sex Slave (kinda) angst-ish; fluff-ish; Summary. He wears a brown jacket, with brown pants and a white t-shirt. See more ideas about Hetalia, Turkey hetalia, Axis powers. Nov 2, 2016 - My friends I swear make me love too many couples. What a waste of time and water. -1- Greece hates the way Turkeys hands feel in his hair. ... (Turkey Love Story) November 29, 2014 Hime . #aph #hetalia #aph turkey #axis powers hetalia #hetalia turkey #hetalia hungary #hetalia greece #hetalia egypt #aph hungary #aph greece #aph egypt 121 notes bitchapalooza • Pushed Greece out of a moving car for no reason at all.

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