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Services may be provided by Western Union Financial Services, Inc. NMLS# 906983 and/or Western Union International Services, LLC NMLS# 906985, which are licensed as Money Transmitters by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Please note: Money order, prepaid card, and gift cards can't be tracked using this page. eMoneyOrder Tracking; PNR Number : For International MO related queries call our number 0821 - 2441010 There is a $0.25 service fee for PLS to complete the remitter or payee field. Fill out the ‘Payee’ information. Keep your receipt until you know the money order has been received. TRACK. Visit your local post office and request PS Form 6401, Money Order Inquiry. If Access Corrections cannot determine who a payment belongs to, state Escheat laws require that the money be transferred to the state as unclaimed property. FREE* Money Orders. Dedicated to delivering affordable, trustworthy financial services to your community. Money Orders. Listen to the automated menu prompts and select the option to "Check the Status of a Money Order." Money Order Status. Call to Check the Status. eMO Status : Enter eMO Transaction Number : Amscot Money Orders are FREE! You never have to pay a fee to purchase a money order at Amscot. 00:00. Go to the Money Order Inquiry System page … 75482. Most of the time, you can check on a money order in the event that it becomes lost or stolen. Transactions to certain destinations may take longer or be subject to additional restrictions. Tracking as the Receiver Use the "Track a Transfer" function for online orders. The USPS, for example, has a convenient tracking site that you can use to check the status of your money order and see if it has been lost or stolen. It’s Very Quick and Easy. Chat with a Live Chat Agent and provide the state, facility, recipient name, and ID# to look up a deposit made via money order. (You can find more information on each of these options below.) $1.9T stimulus proposal: Biden to push for a third check, more unemployment money, more. Others may charge purchase fees ranging from $ .69 to $3.00 per money order. A money order is a certificate, usually issued by a government or banking institution, that allows the stated payee to receive cash on demand. Visit Money Orders to learn more about money order guidelines and tips. Visit us for a FREE, easy, and friendly way to send money orders. Money orders are a simple way to send someone money without needing a checking account. You can track your money order on the MoneyGram website. 1301 Main Street. However, while the money order is a guarantee to the recipient that the funds are available, the purchaser may not have an easy way to find out whether the money order was received and deposited. ELECTRONIC MONEY ORDER Send Money Across the Country Instantaneously. Contact Us If you have money order related questions, please email the Accounting Help Desk or call 1-866-974-2733 . You cannot pay with a credit card. Distinctively designed computer generated money orders issued through our patented electronic money order dispensers, i.e., Super Markets, Convenience Stores, Check Cashing Facilities, Postal and Travel Services. After about 30 days, the issuer typically sends a copy of the endorsed money order (showing who cashed or deposited it, and when) or a notice that the money order has not yet been cashed. Go to any Post Office location. Due to the volume of customers and different states that Access Corrections services, your payment cannot be accurately processed unless the envelope is correctly addressed, and a completed payment coupon is enclosed with each money order. Check online. Call 1-800-999-9660. How to Send Domestic Money Orders. Complete, sign and date the money order tracing-refund request on the back of the money order receipt or complete the Money Order Customer Request form. To obtain a refund for the balance remaining, please request a money order refund. All fields are required unless labeled as optional. A money order is a payment order request to an individual or business for a pre-specified amount of money. Step 1 Call MoneyGram's automated telephone number. Sulphur Springs, Texas. As many as you need, Amscot is here for you. Chat with a Live Chat Agent and provide the state, facility, recipient name, and ID# to look up a deposit made via money order. Become a NAMOC Agent: 844-507-1478 Your money order serial number is the 10- or 11-digit number shown on the receipt stub in red ink; enter it in the appropriate field, then enter the dollar amount of the money order and click on “Check Status” to track your money order. Sign and send to the receiver. If you need a refund for a lost or stolen money order, please CLICK HERE. Real People. It's just another way we can help make your life easier. Real Service. You can call the Western Union automated help line to determine the status of the money order you've sent. However, if you don’t have the Western Union tracking number, it’s still possible to check on the transfer status so long as you have other details to hand. Agent Service Support: 800-643-6919 The money order should not be presented for payment as it will be returned unpaid. Call our Team Today: Money Order Status, Refunds, Replacement, and Help: 844-507-1477 Become a NAMOC Agent: 844-507-1478 Agent Service Support: 800-643-6919 Anti-Money Laundering Support: 844-507-1476 ; Submit the documentation above and the $15 USD non-refundable processing fee payable to WU with a money order or personal check to the address listed on the form, by fax 1-720-864-0477, or by email North American Money Order Company is a money services business (MSB) and is regulated by FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, under the United States Department of the Treasury. Fidelity Express Money Order Status Tracking Just Enter Fidelity Express Money Tracking Serial number and Sent Amount to track and trace your Real time money order delivery status information Online instantly. Money orders are considered to be a relatively secure and safe way to send money and pay a bill, especially if you do not have a bank account. North American Money Order Company is licensed to sell money orders in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Sales are made through agents who are primarily convenience stores and grocery stores. It can take several weeks to be received, sorted, processed, and applied to the account. If the money order meets those conditions, a non-refundable service charge will be deducted from the amount shown on the money order. If you need a replacement for a damaged or filled out money order in your possession, please CLICK HERE. Real Time. 24 hour / 7days a week money order verification service. MoneyGram offers an automated telephone line to check on the status of a money order. Follow the status of the money order online. Western Union and Money Gram offer an online tracking service for purchased money orders. To check the status of your money order, go to the company’s website, click on “Track Money Order” or a similar icon, enter the money order number and click “Enter” or “Search.” *There is no charge to purchase money orders. Most issuers do not offer online tracking. Postal Money Order Was Cashed Make an Inquiry In Person. A money order status will usually be able to tell you if the money order was cashed, and, if so, by whom. Why pay a fee to purchase a money order somewhere else, when at Amscot, money orders are FREE. Last updated January 3, 2020 One minute read. Email Us At: Email Us At:, Call our Team Today: The sender should … Decide on the money order amount. How to Check to See If a U.S. Western Union money order tracking is easiest if you have the MTCN. A money order … Some issuers allow you to track the money order online for free using the serial number. 800.621.8030. Take cash, a debit card, or a traveler’s check. 365 days a year. This phone number is (800) 999-9660. Anti-Money Laundering Support: 844-507-1476. You can send up to $1,000 in a single order anywhere in the United States. Money Order Status - Fidelity Express. Money Order Status, Refunds, Replacement, and Help: 844-507-1477 The form requires... Use the Online Verification System. Toll free 800 numbers to answer agent and customer question(s). If you need a refund for a lost or stolen money order, please CLICK HERE. Plus, we have no limit on how many you can get. Since 1981, North American Money Order Company has been a top provider of money orders and AML support for agents across the South.

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