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And Nicholson, looking punchy, tired, and baffled--and not on top of his character (as he is often is)--lets you see into him, rather than controlling what he lets you see. the epic serials, especially the “James Bond” movies: Each film is only as good Basically what I'm saying is: I'm not a Trekkie. | Witty characters, clever plot devices and ingenious writing and, by late 1990s standards, subdued use of special effects make this movie meet and often exceed the quality of the original show. In the genre, there is simply nothing better, and there never will be. 80 Pauline Kael One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest The story and the acting make the film emotionally powerful. It’s another reminder of why I respectfully disagree with famed movie critic Pauline Kael, who never saw a movie more than once. And do ya know it, he's right??!! their feet. I saw this movie while I was in High School during the movie's original run and it gets better every single time I see it! In a He is such a great villain, and my favorite of all movie villains ever! always been best when they centered around their characters. Although I liked a particularly inept one that owes more to "Captain Video" than to One of the very best of this series, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan gives you the battles and action for which you were so hungry. 20th Anniversary of One of the Greatest Sci-Fi Films of the last 20 years, Light Years Ahead of Star Trek The Motion Picture. Even if you're not a fan of Star Trek or Sci-fi in general, I still think you'll like this movie, thanks to an excellent performance by Ricardo Montalban as Khan Noonian Singh. Paramount never intended to make a sequel to STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE (a philosophy it would continue to embrace, after each film! Second to none for thrills, action and adventure. The film closes with the usual It was really good to see the Khan's character reintroduced, as in the series, he was marooned on a planet and in the film, we get to see what life was like for him and his family and why he is out for revenge against Kirk. This film critic has awarded movies a score of 67% on average. The peculiar thing about Spock is that, being half human and Out of all the Star Trek films; only two deal with the human element of Star Trek as well as the original TV series did and that's Star Trek 2 and 3. only by a hero, a fool, or a Vulcan. lot of new faces in the crew. Although it's easy to criticize, WOK is full of suspense and tension. I'm not a Star Trek fan. Pauline Kael (/keɪl/; June 19, 1919 – September 3, 2001) was an American film critic who wrote for The New Yorker magazine from 1968 to 1991. curious way, Khan captures our sympathy, even though he is an evil man who scouting for lifeless planets and finds one that seems to be dead, but its The ship is on a mission concerning the Genesis He plays the character as a man of deeply Khan is played as a cauldron of resentment by, 10 Upcoming Films That Could Shake Up Oscar Season, Leslie Odom Jr., Aldis Hodge, Eli Goree, and Kingsley Ben-Adir on the Brotherhood of One Night in Miami, Spike Lee Receives American Cinematheque Award, America Has to Come to a Reckoning: Director Sam Pollard on MLK/FBI. I did, but when those bagpipes play and Kirk chokes on the word “HUMAN” – shit, I still cry at the thought of it. There are some holdouts for IV & VI, but even their proponents only go so far as to rate those "up there" with II. seeding a barren planet with luxuriant life. Metacritic Reviews. I have watched the show a few times, and I don't dislike it; but it's not the sort of thing that I would find myself watching week after week. More action packed and interesting than the original Star Trek movie, it brings the TV show cast onto the big screen by meeting a villain from the TV show (Khan), obsessively portrayed by Ricardo Montalban. ), and, when, after intense lobbying by Gene Roddenberry, a few 'Trekkers' in the studio hierarchy, and a lot of fans, the studio finally caved in, they reduced the budget, dramatically, almost daring the production team to create a film of quality. Tear-jerkers that made me cry(at least once). After trying to sit through The Motion Picture twice, and couldn't, This one I expected to be similar. Alas, his instinct to conquer survived as well, and only after an epic struggle is Kirk able to deposit Kahn and his band of supermen in permanent exile on a garden planet. And then there’s KHAN. I am happy to answer that by quoting my father, who said to me many years ago that watching a movie on TV is like kissing over the telephone. Quite contrary. It is certainly more accessible to a mainstream audience than the first film was...but I liked that one too anyway. The regular cast are at their best but Ricardo Montalban steals the show as Khan. The New Yorker magazine critic Pauline Kael said Montalbán's performance as Khan “was the only validation he has ever had of his power to command the big screen.” | rises to one of its best scenes, because the "Star Trek" stories have Tweet. I always love it when they give us spaceships Khan I this film is fantastic! as its villain. I love the plot of the film and really enjoyed any scenes where it showed the cat and mouse game Kirk (William Shatner) and Khan (Ricardo Montalban) were playing with one another. Wrath is based on one of the best episodes of The Original Series of Star Trek. Taking It All In is the seventh collection of movie reviews by the critic Pauline Kael and contains the 150 film reviews she wrote for The New Yorker between June 9, 1980 and June 13, 1983. As a movie it's a closer cousin to Errol Flynn's swashbucklers Captain Blood and The Sea Hawk than to The Day the Earth Stood Still. the planet inhabited by an outlaw named Khan, who was exiled there years ago by Read the Empire Movie review of Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan. The ultimate Science Fiction Film and Star Trek's finest hour! that it needs an ending in a conventional sense. He makes a choice in “Star Trek II” that would be made film, only a great villain can transform a good try into a triumph. True, a lot of people have recently declared Star Trek Frist Contact the best. User Ratings Forget Darth Vader, Khan rules, man! A classic in my opinion. From the Blurb: Taking It All In is the seventh collection of Pauline Kael's movie reviews, and it maintains the high standard she set for herself almost twenty years ago in I Lost it at the Movies and has held to in each of its memorable successors: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Going Steady, Deeper into Movies, Reeling, and When the Lights Go Down. William Shatner, however hammy, simply IS Captain Kirk, a leader of men, a decision maker and a fighter. Read Movie and TV reviews from Pauline Kael on Rotten Tomatoes, where critics reviews are aggregated to tally a Certified Fresh, Fresh or Rotten Tomatometer score. Few would disagree that Wrath of Khan is the best Star Trek movie to date. Oh and Kirsty Alley is without doubt the hottest vulcan/romulan I ever saw! That’s how great Ricardo was in this role. Handsome Ricardo Montalban was the epitome of Latin elegance, charm and grace on film and television and in the late 1940s and early 1950s reinvigorated the Rudolph Valentino / Ramon Novarro "Latin Lover" style in Hollywood without achieving top screen stardom. The Wrath of Khan was a complete jump in quality, production and standard from first movie, The Motion Picture. But what the hey, it was made during the heady days of the early 1980s. wounded pride, whose bond of hatred with Admiral Kirk is stronger even than his While The Motion Picture (TMP) had bleak and dull lighting, costumes (bad costumes even for Star Trek) This starts off with Spock's Iconic ear, and we see a well done scene (The reason I knew what was going on is because I read Leonard Nimoy's biography, where he talks about the movie) Then we have Khan, the best Star Trek villain ever! There are others who love whales and political correctness declare Star Trek The Voyage Home the best of the Trek films. understood that desire and acted on it. an episode may be over but the Enterprise will carry on, the movie doesn't feel | In fact, the only reason I decided to see this was because my dad went on about how good it was. For a more extended discussion, see Pauline Kael's book Deeper into Movies. But where does Project Genesis, created by an old flame of Kirk, Dr. Carol. I also enjoyed this movie a lot more than any of the Star Wars movies. When Star Trek The Motion Picture was released, the masses flocked to it. Ricardo Montalaban is brilliant in his role as Khan eating up his lines and delivering them with a poetic madness. Middle aged Admiral James T. Kirk is suffering a mid life crisis while overseeing the trainee crew of the Enterprise who are under the watchful eye of everyone's favorite Vulcan, Spock. "The Wrath of Khan" isn't a science fiction film as much as it's an old-fashioned adventure story dressed up in vintage science fiction tropes. members. He apparently had some vengeful Sikh in his family tree, just like his literary forebear Capt. The Wrath of Khan is the only validation he has ever had of his power to command the big screen." Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is a classic action film. Rolling his r's, and baring his handsome 60-year-old breast, here is your blood-questing alien. The design of the costumes and sets is excellent, except for the cream and brown combinations. capable of leaping across the universe, and then arm them with weapons so puny In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. She was known for her "witty, biting, highly opinionated, and sharply focused" movie reviews. It's difficult for this long-time Trekkie to review J.J. Abrams' relaunching of the USS Enterprise. Pauline Kael even loved KHAN. Kael was known for her "witty, biting, highly opinionated and sharply focused"[1] reviews, her opinions often contrary to those of her contemporaries. quest, and we are obviously being set up for a sequel. Pauline Kael - Film Reviews. Much has been said about classical influences on the two main characters, with Kirk as Horatio Horn bl… general principle involving not only Star Trek but “Star Wars” (1977) and all half Vulcan and therefore possessing about half the usual quota of human emotions, It's probably one of the best Science Fiction movies of all time. Obviously, a lot of fans have Wrath of Khanon home video or streaming, so what is special about seeing it on the big screen? Crew members investigate, and find The story is pure pulp, but don't be put off. That The New York Times ‘ premier film critics consider the legacy of Pauline Kael contentious enough to transcribe a “conversation” between them as a preview/review of the Library of America’s edition of her work and Brian Kellow’s new biography affirms the collapse of the monoculture. Khan Noonien Singh is a fictional character in the Star Trek science fiction franchise. that wouldn't be in the spirit of the Enterprise, would it? I've heard that "The Wrath of Khan" is MUCH better than any of the other Star Trek movies, so I guess I won't be seeing them, or maybe I will, to see how bad they really are......anyway, if you like sci-fi, space, comedy, and a little bit of tragedy (actually, the saddest part was when Khan died--where is the Star Trek gang gonna get all their good villains now??) Stick US (1985): Crime 109 min, Rated R, Color, Available on videocassette and laserdisc . This is really down-home week with Captain - now Admiral - … This is top-notch filmmaking, which just happens to be told via Gene Roddenberry's sci-fi world of Star Trek. The episode, Space Seed, introduced Kahn Noonian Singh, a genetically engineered super-warrior from the 20th century who survived in cryogenic freeze until the crew of the Enterprise found his derelict space ship and revived him. device, a new invention which, if I understand it correctly, is capable of that the last few minutes of “Trek II” are a trailer for “Trek III”, but, no, introduces loathsome creatures into the ear canals of two Enterprise crew I can never make it through the end without shedding at least a few tears. Ricardo Montalban gave the best performance of the movie with great lines, and he was threatening. If you haven't seen this at least 10 times go and put it on now!! You could almost argue Mostly, because this is a movie that appeals to both places. Don't expect "Casablanca" or "Citizen Kane," but this is a good movie that practically anyone can love. ever had the chemistry or style the original Star trek cast after 16 years together, a comaraderie showcased in this movie. FAQ The cat and mouse game between Kirk and Khan. That’s because the longtime film critic for The New Yorker (1968 to 1991) filled her work with personal insight, emotion, and a depth rarely seen in modern-day critical musings. Ricardo Montauban, a classic actor best known for his romantic films in his early years, 1950's. Adapted from an Elmore Leonard novel, this picture about an ethical tough guy who returns to Miami after seven years in the slammer is a mess. oo ah! A movie I have grown up with yet still manages to thrill me whenever I occasionally dig it out of my DVD collection. instruments pick up a small speck of life. Ricardo Montalban, Actor: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The best!! The relationships of the Enterprise crew just keep getting better and better. Ricardo Montalban, and his performance is so strong that he helps illustrate a A sister ship, the USS Reliant, is the special effects in the first movie, they were probably not the point; fans Then Khan (Ricardo Montalban), the villain of the episode "Space Seed", escapes the planet turned wasteland where Kirk left him and his people, hijacks the USS Reliant and goes after Kirk with a death wish. However, his crisis couldn't have come at a worse time; as it has come on the eve of the testing for a new creation, known as 'Genesis', and not only that but a man named Khan has just been found on a planet that Kirk exiled him on, and he doesn't just want to give Kirk a friendly hug. Released in 1982 when I was very young, and seen over the years on TV and VHS, The Wrath of Khan is one of those movies where I can't remember a time when I hadn't seen it. he consistently, if dispassionately, behaves as if he possessed very heroic amazing, because the story doesn't depend on them. Tagged with Harve Bennett, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Nicholas Meyer, Pauline Kael, Ricardo Montalban, Star Trek, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan… (SPOILERS) I don’t love Star Trek, but I do love Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.That probably isn’t just me, but a common refrain of many a non-devotee of the series. Done in true Star Trek tradition, unlike the disappointing special-effects-fest of the first Motion Picture, this film will go on to be one of the all time greats of sci-fi. STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN was another miracle moment in a franchise that has had more than it's share of such moments. retired to an administrative post. I just LOVE this film! The plot revolves around Captain Kirk, who has now been promoted to Admiral Kirk and is going through a mid-life crisis. Director Nicholas Meyer's work here is fabulous, and his screenplay beautiful. (Credit IMDb) Admiral James T. Kirk is still in charge of a space fleet, but from behind a desk. Kirk has One of the best villains you will ever see in a science fiction movie. There is a battle in outer space in this movie, human emotions indeed. of the TV series wanted to see their favorite characters again, and “Trek II” The character first appeared in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Space Seed" (1967), and was portrayed by Ricardo Montalbán, who reprised his role in the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.In the 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness, he is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. Considered the most influential movie reviewer of her time, she’s rivaled only by Roger Ebert in both fame and acclaim from their peers. Pauline Kael was an American film critic who wrote for The New Yorker magazine from 1968 to 1991. I did, however, find lots to enjoy about this movie. Wrath of Khan isn't a science fiction film as much as it's an old-fashioned adventure story dressed up in vintage SF tropes. Equally obsessive is William Shatner in his finest role playing Admiral Kirk, an ageing man reluctant to return to command of the USS Enterprise, but a man who finds his first, best destiny is at the helm of his ship. The battles between the Enterprise and Reliant are tense and spectacular. It's more Robert Louis Stevenson than Robert Heinlein. Okay, let me start out by saying that this is the only Star Trek movie I have ever seen and that I am not a Trekkie at all. Still the best Star Trek Film after over 20 years! And when he makes his decision, the movie This film is really 80's, but, hey, every decade has its own style. Best Star Trek movie (and one of the best sci-fi movies) ever! Unfortunately, the first film outing for the crew of the USS Enterprise was about as exciting as watching paint dry. The new special edition with previously unreleased footage brings the whole thing together in an even better way (no spoilers, sorry!). Wrath of Khan owes a certain debt of thanks to Clark Gable's wartime thriller. Spock is commanding the Enterprise, with a External Reviews Somehow, though, I don't much care if the battles aren't that Pauline Kael Reviews A-Z. Pauline Kael movie reviews were never mediocre affairs. Spock's final line is the kicker, and with that scene you understand the entire relationship that Kirk and Spock had and you feel Kirk's loss. There have been many Star Trek films but The Wrath of Khan is still the best. We know that "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" (1982) is the best of all of the "Star Trek" movies. | A funnier, faster, altogether more energetic film than Star Trek I, The Wrath of Khan doesn't linger over its modest special effects. the Extra-TerrestrialTootsieStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Star Trek II is the best Trek film. then you should definitely see this movie. Pauline Kael who hated STAR WARS and all this silly scifi bullshit… she loved KHAN. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold! New Yorker magazine critic Pauline Kael said Montalban’s performance as Khan “was the only validation he has ever had of his power to command the big screen.” There are 2,846 in all, ranging from early silents to the early 1990s, when Kael retired. Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock convince him to take on a mission which sounds simple, but with the appearance of the mysterious Khan, things get a little tricky. over the years by the TV series. Montalban doesn't overact. Let’s start talking about this upcoming Star Trek II event in theaters. Kirk, and has brooded of vengeance ever since. I think he's one of the greatest movie villains of all time! To find a movie title, click on a letter. I'm not a Trekki but I love Star Trek 2 : The Wrath of Khan. The music was great, and the script is just phenomenal! I am not stating anything new here. that a direct hit merely blows up a few control boards and knocks people off Re-viewing reveals genius. Pauline Kael has written 541 movie reviews between 27 Feb 1936 and 01 Jul 2020. "Star Trek" end narration, all about the ship's mission and its by Spock, and it draws on the sentiment and audience identification developed Back where it belongs with this film, it has the right mix of science, character and action. What is most impressive about this story is that it is simply not just a story about one mans obsession, hate and bid to avenge being marooned on a desolate planet. The rest of the series of films struggled to repeat the mastery of this film, and the reboot has also fallen short, thus far. Now streaming on: Powered by JustWatch. With the best musical score by James Horner to keep us on the edge of our seats. (Caution: This review will discuss in detail themes, plot and characters that may be considered spoilers. It allows characters to develop and grow (especially Kirk and Spocks bond) it builds the tension slowly and the showdown is exiting and very well executed by both the director and I also must say by James Horner for a terrific score to compliment the action. Excellent well produced movie, great effects, directing, acting, One of The Best Sci-Fi's you'll ever see! It has heroic characters, a nasty villain and a sweeping adventure that is both engaging and entertaining. Overall Star Trek 2 has great characters, a good story, terrific action and best of all an exiting and ultimately tragic ending. Well, the best of the Star Trek films. Khan is played as a cauldron of resentment by Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. I rented the first three of the six original Star Trek movies a couple of months ago. Do not read this review if you do not desire such information about this film.). This is the one Star Trek film that I would recommend to people who don't like or watch Star Trek. Perhaps because of that bond, and the sense that The Extraterrestrial, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Tron. This sequel to the Star Trek TV series and first Star Trek movies is the ultimate film for any Scifi fan and a rivetting drama for movie fans in general. It's about a sacrifice made Why? There has been a lot of comment on this being the best of the Trek movies with the original cast and I'm not going to get involved with that discussion. I just finished watching this film for the first time and I just love it! She approached movies emotionally, with a strongly colloquial writing style. And NO cast of characters(sorry "Next Generation" fans!) The scene that follows is one of the best acted death scenes of all time, and it is also the saddest. Besides, the fourth Trek gets more dated by the minute, and I think a lot of the good feeling about the sixth movie was just relief that they rebounded from V. And advocates for the first movie or the Next Generation offerings are just in denial. Even 16 years later, the movie's technoligy does not seem "dated" because of the subdued use of Computer "tricks"! “Montalban's performance doesn't show a trace of `Fantasy Island,’” Pauline Kael wrote in her New Yorker review. traditional villain's desire to rule the universe. Of all the Star Trek films it's the only one to have origins directly from the cult television series. To say this is better then the original is an understatement. Khan is a bitter vengeful man determined to kill the man who marooned him (kirk) and is a most worthy villain.

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