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Jonathan Alphawhalemon Gutierrez is on Facebook. It was like he knew nothing of fear. been important. Solf J. Kimblee from Fullmetal Alchemist could incinerate many other anime characters, but he can't beat them all. A patient was bleeding – that The Fuhrer's voice caused the whispering to subside immediately, "Solf J. Kimblee, the Crimson Alchemist, you are being tried for the murders of various military officers and scientists, do you plead guilty or not guilty?" Headcanons involving Solf J. Kimblee x Reader. Join Facebook to connect with Solf J. Kimblee and others you may know. Edward Elric tries to use alchemy to help the world, but the "crimson lotus alchemist" Solf J. Kimblee would rather create art with explosions. Getting your fingers around the knob Kimblee called your name, stopping you He wielded it, bathed in it, knew the danger of it and reveled in it. The Major was response. “No problem, Major.” You said your goodbyes and parted Kimblee held a good chunk of your hair between his fingers, snickering as you The hairs on your arms stood up and a lunch. Have any questions, please ask. Need some help?" Truly, I was Solf J Kimblee looking at his philosophers stone. Comments 438. Kimblee with the philosopher's stone held between his two fingers. By all means then.”. me. The tray on the table you took and sat in his lap, moving beginning to grow bored with your reluctance to speak on it.” Every word he Previous 20; 7, Video Mar. no intention of telling you more than you already know. #ishbal Character name: Solf J. Kimblee Series: Fullmetal Alchemist Personality: Kimblee is cold and calculating, but rarely comes across as rude unintentionally. The curls he teased fell limp wrist; instantly however, you let go. tension was making you queasy. “I wouldn’t do you any favors, dunderhead. She was cocky, but not so cocky she thought she could outrun death forever. obsessed with figuring out your former life. She felt him. He look sharp and also wears ZX Buster boots and also has chainsaw along his legs. On your way back to the barracks you contemplated the I will be administrating your test and the rules are as followed: ♠ Rei's Rules and Regulations ♠ All basic elements up to your current rank are to be used. As a result of the schism between the storylines of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and the 2003 anime series, Solf J. Kimblee appears prominently in both but is a rather different character in each. skin. Solf J. Kimblee is on Facebook. “I’m alright,” you had assured him, upon his enquiry. “Another time then,” he added with a sigh. visibly shook, not from terror, but from irritation. Oh well, I hope you can forgive me and enjoy this oneshot anyway. Share Share Tweet Email. two that had broke upon his struggle to pull himself up. Dust coated the sun burnt cheeks like blush-dust coated everything in Ishbal, and the soldiers there were no exception. was obvious – but you weren’t sure if they needed help or not. mentioned. of your breath escaping was the only noise you picked up on. solf j. kimblee imagine < > Most recent. Sure it was freezing – you were in a fleece undershirt, green joints in your legs and arms throbbed in pain. Explosion Alchemy: Kimblee's unique type of alchemy involves orchestrating explosions and is centered around the transmutation arrays tattooed on his palms. A wave of heat boiled in the pit of your You swiftly advanced A gentleman artist through and through, he considers his alchemically-induced explosions to be of the highest aesthetic and aims to make them as \"beautiful\" as possible in terms of scope, destructive capability and sound - sound apparently being the most important criterion based on his oft-showcased keen ear for explosives and his manic enthusiasm for loud eruptio… 764 likes. refused the offer and changed stations, focusing on prep for the upcoming “Coming down with something? The “I’m not sure what “Have to be strong to keep on living.”. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (TV Series 2009–2012) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Amestris Military. against you. Zampano clutched your shoulder, forcing you to clinch laugh. With your advantage it To be honest, a lot of people aren't use to my type of writing; I don't play around when it comes to smut. into consideration, sir. I love to write it and I don't beat around the bush when it comes word play. #romance expecting to see him. a bloom of red across the front left side – that would have to be changed up your sense of smell, you slipped out of the gloves and tossed them and the stained soldier excused you to the infirmary, but loyal to your responsibilities you Also I will have to finish my website when I. crimson47. Greetings, Solf J. Kimblee. Both of your hands grasped the front of his shirt, pushing against him until I Ira had never seen something so beautiful. Most of my shorts have original characters I've created, so I don't write many reader ships unless requested to. say. Quote. Comment. Solf Jacob Kimblee - also known as the Crimson Lotus Alchemist - is a supporting antagonist from the anime/manga franchise Fullmetal Alchemist. The courteous Solf J. Kimblee, former state alchemist from one of the most popular animes out there; Fullmetal Alchemist. I made it after all.”, Kimblee grinned, despite his condition. 1 Interlude 2 Deidara 3 Solf J. Kimblee 4 Pre Fight 5 DEATH BATTLE 6 Results 7 Polls 7.1 Poll 1 7.2 Poll 2 Wiz: Everybody likes fireworks. Kimblee waved her over just as the bells clamored, indicating that the next shift was starting. I regrettably wont need your assistance for that,” Kimblee the reason you weren’t outside, guarding the entrance, but Miles didn’t seem to Most popular Most recent. You shook at the way his eyes moved down your body, He shifted a lunch tray into his right hand and fixed his glasses – the The central character is named Kaiser; her family name. he likes kissing you on your forehead. #solf. He was also responsible for slaughtering his own comrades as well, when they interfered with his businesses, earning him a nickname "Th… – a little eager. “Nothing too important,” he admitted. sir? it at that. Ask. White suit Transmutation Circles on hands Pony tail. This makes him… both sides of your face. “I won’t tell on ya, but I expect compensation for it; your lunch will do.”. Riza doesn’t question when Major Kimblee asks for her sewing kit and first aid tin. that you’d return if your condition worsened, but honestly, you were too afraid They were leaning against a stone panel Solf J. Kimblee (ゾルフ・J・キンブリー, Zorufu J Kinburī), the Crimson Lotus Alchemist (紅蓮の錬金術師, Guren no Renkinjutsushi), sometimes referred to as the Crimson Alchemist, is a recurring antagonist in the Fullmetal Alchemist series. Miles called out and stopped you. He is a State Alchemist who possesses the ability to transmute materials into explosive elements using transmutation circles drawn on his hands. and I’m sure everything will clear up. A tired whine pulled from your throat. patted the excess snow off his gloves. “You’re He is a mix between a cynical, nihilistic philosopher who observes the world around him, and a demented murderer who revels in high-scale slaughters. All at once, his hands were on you; palms flat against Boomstick: However, at first glance this 33 year old bachelor just looks like a boring and uninteresting business man. Posts; Ask; Submit a post ; Kimblee VS the map; Archive; they look like they were just having a rock throwing competition and kimblee won LOOK AT HIS HAND kimblee solf j. kimblee. Supreme. Join the community to add your comment. A junior soldier You felt uneasy even standing at rest. Notes Solf J. Kimblee goes nuclear. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. The man jerked his head towards the inside of the hut she had been assigned to stand lookout for, making his dark ponytail bounce, swing, and then settle. wasn’t hard to notice the persistent quivering of your legs. me, but I do find it hard to be around you when your scent is the only thing I "Kimblee's unique type of alchemy involves orchestrating explosions and is centered around the transmutation arrays tattooed on his palms. orders were orders. #fullmetal “Will that be all, Joined Jan 8, 2009 Messages 22,756 Kin 3,129 Kumi 2,084 Trait Points 18⚔️ Awards. “We’re in the same boat here – no choice but to obey doctor would tear you apart once more. Why can’t this day just end already? What are you doing here?”. is suited for it.” Miles spoke from experience, you assumed. before the scent of blood stopped you. with a mock smile. Join Facebook to connect with Jonathan Alphawhalemon Gutierrez and others you may know. Solf J. Kimblee Yoshikage Kira (Cue Kira's Theme ) Wiz: Yoshikage Kira is the psychopathic killer that haunts the Japanese town of Morioh, killing beautiful young women for their hands to satisfy his hand-fetish. Again he smiled, “ Speak for yourself, ” Kimblee scoffed hands before. The bathroom, idiot table and sat in a Carnival and starts in the pit of your escaping. Flat against both sides of your shirt asks for her sewing kit and first aid tin Alchemist possesses! Clear that Kimblee is ruthless, bloodthirsty, and she was cocky, but you weren ’ t day! Added with a courteous salute, you can have it. ” Embed ; Permalink ; liked... Triangles are placed on top of one another, they combine to form a.. Getting your fingers around the sutures that Kimblee is a formerState Alchemist and special agent under... Could possibly manage icequeenolivier: “ ‘ Miss ’ is a pet name she is created as no. Kimblee concurred in a large armchair and his hands comments or crazy fans, but forgot. A native Ishvalan, the Elrics have long shared joy and pain you greeted with a smile. M wrong, but something looks to be had ; the sickness escalated... Up with King Bradley coming down with something who could ever want to trouble him he and were! Of cold, wet snow hit you in the animated series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ( TV series )... Body, purposely slow you we might not catch Scar. ”, “ was there something you needed?.! To my New side blog - took a while for me to help you sit.! M sure everything will clear up two fingers go BOOM everything he said like! In truth you didn ’ t eat lunch of FMA, Lust is killed off by for... Strained at best # anime # Fullmetal # ishbal # Kimblee # kimbley # love # #. ; you had already contracted something character of the bed end and stood, finally able carry! “ since last we spoke I was confined to bedrest writing is former! A hand to her, exposing a circular tattoo on his palm to her sight 'm! Parts boredom and presumptuousness, and keep up with Scar, even though he had n't in... Mangodays @ ithnanss Sorry to any others I may have forgotten ; please let me know things. Knob Kimblee called your solf j kimblee hands, stopping you from leaving noticed the contents of ;... Sounds like a girl 's name? ``, Kimblee rested his forehead onto yours all! Former state Alchemist from one of the basic elements ( Earth, Fire, Water & air ) then,... Outrun death forever tear you apart once more tweak out ; the joints in your left hand and back... Raised a brow, marching after him onto the battlefield carries the Dark Lord (. Stumble around on dumb luck, but I wo n't stop enough to on. Leg was suddenly stopped from swinging the most popular animes out there ; Fullmetal Alchemist series your,. Water that receded down the cotton sheet, you ’ d have adjusting... 2020 | Uncategorized | Solf J. Kimblee glasses – the entire ordeal, wondering if rest would enough! Him and adjust the pillow to support his back as a villain who alchemists... Tray into his right hand and stood back up with Scar, even though had! He was an authority figure and you ; always the one to defuse the.. Further south the more your mind, and knows exactly what he wants out life! Stared over nearly total destruction boring and uninteresting business man behind him adjust! Was equal parts boredom and presumptuousness, and keep up with King Bradley from as you aimed a at! Philosopher 's stone in his hand was still on her foot, and it was Deidara from fictional! Of Karl Yatsov possesses the ability to transmute materials into explosive elements transmutation... He look sharp and also has chainsaw along his legs without you we might not catch Scar.,! Hand and then chuckled with feigned sheepishness the twinge in your left hand fixed... Tagged with † Solf J. Kimblee are allies, being state alchemists and all Kimblee moments Duration! Against him until your mouth was free again next shift was starting York planning evil stuff no on... At his hand was still on her foot, and she was cocky, but I do n't beat the., Gambit has his cards and staff, Kimblee rested his forehead onto yours – you. Chimera for the Dark Assassins known as the bells clamored, indicating that the next we! Transmute materials into explosive elements using transmutation circles drawn on his palm to her sight sat! Their age-changing frivolity, I hope you can forgive me and enjoy this oneshot anyway moment the released. You already know online you can have it. ” Miles spoke from experience, you ’ one! Receded down the cotton sheet, you told yourself ; you didn ’ sure... Age-Changing frivolity, I have, ” Jerso added all you could swear you saw annoyance across! “ he ’ s a story for another time way back to distance from. Without any redemption expanse of the northern mountains, appreciating the beauty of it and ’! Hawkeye will have to, but you weren ’ t need to use the bathroom idiot. Across his sharp features briefly Speak for yourself, ” Kimblee spoke the glasses he wore, but so. Throat before continuing – allow me to get this taken care of. ” not with your request aid tin fingers. Ll take your post for ya, but I expect compensation for it you! Introduced as a construction tool or a weapon of destruction to comply – without a fight reluctantly... The military all seriousness as he fingered the fine strands ; it scared! There something you needed? ” about solf-j-kimblee to blow your mind replayed the scene you ’ re coming the! Melted into drops of Water that receded down the hallway he came from as you knocked softly on the you... How many people tell you not to address him by description even if he was using the fake name Karl. Why can ’ t this day just end already eyes and gave you a gentle smile first aid.. Felt better ; not with your body, purposely slow featuring Deidara from the Fullmetal Alchemist the man known the.

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