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If there’s one thing I’m truly proud of with this blog, it’s how many people use it to research, plan, and go on the once-in-a-lifetime Alaska trip they’ve always dreamed of. Want to share your own travel tips by guest writing for We Are Travel Girls? How to Travel Alaska on a Budget. however….and this is a BIG HOWEVER….if chasing the aurora one needs to be ready for minus 30F temperatures! Some cruises stop there and both Alaska Air & Delta fly in directly from Seattle. If you don’t mind me asking, where is the location of the picture inside of the glacier? Thanks for all the great info! AirBnB can be great value especially if you’re traveling as a family or a group. Super Cheap Alaska Travel Guide 2021: How to Enjoy a $3,000 Trip to 8.7 8.2 8.8 6: Lonely Planet USA (Travel Guide) 8.3 7.8 8.4 7: Lonely Planet British Columbia & the Canadian Rockies (Travel Guide) The Alaska by month travel season calendar below brings in April and early spring, because that is when the yearly travel season kicks off. I love you blog! The 6 Best Alaska Cruise Excursions in Seattle, The 11 Best Juneau Alaska Cruise Excursions, The 10 Best Skagway Alaska Cruise Excursions, The 9 Best Ketchikan Alaska Cruise Excursions, The 9 Best Sitka Alaska Cruise Excursions, The 9 Best Icy Strait Point Alaska Cruise Excursions, Major Marine Tours Review: The Best Seward Day Cruise, 10 Essentials You Need to Pack for Alaska, 10 Essentials You Need to Pack for Alaska in the Winter, 10 Essentials You Need to Pack for Your Alaska Cruise, How to Make Alaskan Blueberry Zucchini Muffins, How to Make Alaskan Salmon Poke (Keto-Friendly, Too! Temperatures steadily decrease as fall descends into winter. The Vice Guide to Travel is a travel show-style documentary show released in 2006 by Vice Media, as part of the online television division of Vice. Viewed from the Park Rd of its eponymous national park, Denali chews up the skyline, dominating an already stunning landscape of tundra fields and polychromatic ridgelines. Sign up for my email list to get even more delivered to your inbox directly. Find the best price on hotels in Fairbanks. Subscribers to Netflix’s DVD service may be dwindling, but for movie buffs it remains a great way to access a large catalog of mostly older content. Most the state is covered with snow. All travelers age 5 and older are required to take a COVID-19 test from a trusted testing partner within 72 hours of your departure flight to Hawaii. As an Amazon and AirBnB Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks! Many state parks with road access and a parking lot will charge a $5 parking fee. Little did I know that growing up in Alaska would eventually allow me to reach hundreds of thousands of people each year to share my local Alaska travel knowledge. We Are Travel Girls Contributor Nicole Smoot of That looks awesome. Try a flightseeing trip to North America's tallest mountain, a ziplining tour above the coastal rainforest, dog mushing across a vast ice field or rafting down a scenic river. These are basic economy fares, a restricted-type fare. It’s like Switzerland but on the ocean and with lots of wildlife. Listen to pronunciation Travel Availability:. Here are just a few activities to enjoy : Subscribe to get our FREE eBook with tips on saving money when you travel! Here are my recent posts from across the globe! I took the lessons from that time in my (meandering) career and added it to all the secret spots and tricks I had learned exploring The Last Frontier with my family and started writing about how to travel to Alaska. The perfect place to begin planning your Alaska vacation. Alaska is the ultimate place for adventure. Heimo Korth is a hunter and fur-trapper who lives with his Eskimo wife in the middle of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Most tours operate mid-May to mid-September, with the exception of those into Denali (mid-June to end of August). First let’s start with a few quick tips for your trip to Alaska, I will dive into each of these in more detail in the following sections. Wild, rugged, stark, mysterious and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Rent a car! Alaska has more state parks than you can shake a stick at and to many to list! Download an MP3 from recently-disbanded Death From Above 1979 as featured on VICE's new travel DVD. If you enjoy spring skiing you can usually catch some in the earlier part of April. Midrange restaurant: $20-30 per plate. A FIRST TIMER’S GUIDE TO TAKING AN ALASKA CRUISE. Alaska Highway Travel Guide. With the long dark nights this is the best season to catch the Aurora if conditions are right. A handy guide for what to do in Fairbanks, Alaska all summer long! These are basic economy fares, a restricted-type fare. The mountain inspires a take-no-prisoners kind of awe, and climbers know that feeling well. Thanks! Reel in monster salmon, soar over North America’s tallest peaks, raft Alaska‘s wild rivers, watch glaciers calve in a thunderous roar, pan for gold at a real mine or find solitude at a remote Alaska lodge. It’s not uncommon for Alaska to be blanketed in snow by mid-October, and not unheard of to have an occasional snow shower in September. Most of Alaska’s state and national parks are free to enter. ), How to Make Alaskan Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, How to Bake Mint-Chocolate Alaskan Earthquake Cake, How to Plan an Amazing Alaska Aurora Trip, The 13 Best Places to View Denali in Alaska, A Local Guide to the Anchorage Market and Festival, How to Visit Hope, Alaska: My Favorite Small Town, How to Plan an Epic Colorado National Park Road Trip, An Olympic Peninsula Road Trip: 2 Itineraries, 11 Must-See Stops, December 2020 Recap: Travel, Blogging & Business, A Yearly Mantra for Writing, Travel & Life in 2021, 2020 in Review: A Year of Home, Family & (a little) Travel, 7 Components in My Travel Blog Strategy for 2021. The following is a greeting given in one of the 20 indigenous languages recognized by the State of Alaska. Higher end restaurants: $30+ per plate, Entrance to museums and cultural centers: $10-15 per person. Posted In: ALASKA, NORTH AMERICA, UNITED STATES Tags: ALASKA, Anchorage, Fairbanks, GIRLS GETAWAYS, HIKING, Nicole Smoot, North America, outdoor guides, UNITED STATES. The Best Alaska Cruise Excursions – One in Each Port! Subscribe to get access to our FREE eBook with top tips for saving money when you travel! Alaska Airlines partners are hand-selected to ensure travelers enjoy seamless travel from one part of the world to another. Public transport is non-existent between cities, so self-driving is going to be your best option for seeing the state. June 11, 2018 Last Updated on November 22, 2020. Your email address will not be published. Where: USA. All Rights Reserved. you need to visit between September and April, however these are the colder months. It’s hard to say as it really depends on where you want to go and what you want to see. I always say it is for me my therapy! That's only, oh, 100 miles from the next nearest human. Please see our, First Timer’s Guide To Taking An Alaska Cruise, Are You Too Young To Take Cruise? The weather tends to be warmer and most of the backcountry is easier to access in these months, but it’s also crowded and more expensive. Welcome to Bell’s Travel Guides. Our Guide to RVing to Alaska is tailored to those of you who own your own RV and will be making the drive to Alaska from the Lower 48 US states. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Fairbanks turned out to be the perfect home base for our Alaskan adventure. Here are a few great things to try: To give you a rough idea of costs for planning a trip in Alaska, here are some examples: We hope that this article has inspired you to visit Alaska. If you love winter sports, this is your time to head to the Last Frontier! Find the best price on hotels in Anchorage. Off the beaten track is the general rule and remote is at its core. For those adventurous enough, pitching a tent is a great way to save money as many managed campgrounds in Alaska have inexpensive fees. We Love Alaska and Can't Wait to Share it With You! Alaska is massive, so I’d say it’d be best to stick to a region and explore things within reach if you don’t have tons of time to dedicate. You have a few options in way of accommodation in Alaska including hotels, hostels, camping, RV, AirBnB, and Couchsurfing. With Thomas Morton, Sarah Harris, Rocco Castoro, Ryan Duffy. Pay Less, Travel More eBookSubscribe to get access to our FREE eBook with top tips for saving money when you travel! All national parks in Alaska have free entrance except for Denali National Park! Alaska’s weather is as wild and unpredictable as its wildlife. A lot of those hikes look amazing, but I don’t think I see captions on the photos about where they are. If you’re interested in visiting Alaska, I highly recommend Sitka! Entrance to parks: Free to $10 per person. Before and after, some day tours and hotels offer \"shoulder season\" discounts of 10-25%. Travel Documentaries on Netflix DVD and Amazon Prime. So here’s our guide to planning the ultimate cruise of Alaska’s Inside Passage. When I Visited: 1992-2007 (Lived), 2009, 2014, 2017, 2020. Online resources If you want to see the Aurora (I know many of you do!) oops, should have mentioned the Bald Eagle fest is in Haines….. Wow, Alaska looks so beautiful, I’d love to visit! Denali charges $10 per person to enter. Most people don’t think of Alaska as a culinary destination but there’s great food all around in the 49th state. Alaska Pre-clear wrist band. This is a great time for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling (we call it snowmachining), and ice skating. Here's how began. It covers everything from choosing the best time time to go and how to decide between the best cruise lines to the best Alaska cruise excursions and the wondrous array of wildlife you might see along the way. There are plenty of amazing places to camp in Alaska. From June to August room prices are crazy; May and September, when tariffs are relaxed and the weather only slightly chillier, are equally good times to go, and in April or October you’ll have the place to yourself, albeit with a smaller range of places to stay and eat. Updated November 2020, How to Travel Alaska on a Budget was originally written in April 2017 It’s no lie: Alaska is expensive, everything in Alaska is expensive, but it is totally possible to travel Alaska on a budget. Discover the rugged beauty of the Alaska Highway as you drive this engineering marvel of WWII. Peak season is mid-June to mid-August. Shop for airline sales- airlines have more competition between May and September as many more airlines fly to Alaska in the summer months.

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